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Honors & Scholarship

Recent Honor’s Work

Brown, Janay, “An Exploration of Home Office Design and Its Effect on Stress Reduction, Happiness, and Productivity for Working Mothers’ Well-being during COVID-19” (2021). Honors College Theses. 669.

Burton, Danielle, “Biophilic Design in Higher Education: Exploring Nature-Based Design Inclusion in
Classrooms” (2022). Honors College Theses. 734.

Demmons, Aiyana, “Design Factors Affecting Music Students’ Practice Duration and Quality in Higher
Education” (2022). Honors College Theses. 704.

Elliott, Ansley C., “Global Perceptions of Space: The Interior Designer’s Role” (2023). Honors College Theses. 869.

Griffin, Shannon M., “Sustainable Design in the Healthcare Environment” (2015). Honors College Theses. 120.

Hartmann, Sarah E., “The Impact of Lighting Type on Consumer Behavior in the Purchase of Healthy Products” (2020). Honors College Theses. 475.

Lesh, Kelly A., “Generation Z preferences: Biophilic interior design incorporated through visual art and
technology ” (2020). University Honors Program Theses. 466.

Phillips, Katie D., “Evidence Based Design in Healthcare: An Applied Study on the Impacts of Interior Design for Cerebral Palsy” (2015). Honors College Theses. 121.

Price, Margaret Katherine, “Interior Design Based Evaluation of Noise in a University Learning Environment” (2020). Honors College Theses. 479.

Smith, Hannah B., “Natural Light and Its Effect on Student Perceptions of Learning Performance and Well-Being in Classroom Environments” (2020). Honors College Theses. 486.

Chloe presenting at the Honor's Symposium

Last updated: 8/18/2023