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Internship Overview

The interior design practicum or internship is completed between your junior and senior years. It is a course required for graduation from the interior design program. This is a work-study course supervised by the site coordinator. The student should be able to apply the knowledge learned from classes to real-life situations. The internship site must meet certain criteria and be approved by faculty before the student may start. Review these required documents:

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Current Jobs

Site Criteria

Due Dates

Internship Scholarships

Recent internship sites

Kaitlyn at worksite

Kaitlyn Parker Newton at her internship, thumbs up means “You can do it too!”

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Alumni Inspiration Quotes

I was the only intern at my firm and  was expected to follow directions, complete tasks, and do my best. I made my time valuable by asking my supervisor each day what was on her to-do list and how I could help her get those tasks done. If I had some ‘down time’ I would organize the resource library and refile materials that the designers had pulled out and stuffed away in their offices. Don’t get discouraged if your first week hasn’t gone the way you envisioned. It takes time for the firm to get to know you and what you are capable of.

—  Katelyn Parker, worked at Caitlin Design

I was the only intern at Image and they had a lot of expectations since they have had interns every summer for years. On my first day they had a list of things that I had to do before my internship was over. Make sure that you are always doing something. If you have nothing to do check in with your supervisor or other people at that firm if they need you to do anything or if they need your help. If you noticed things can be organized go ahead and start to organize without being asked. It shows initiative and they will appreciate it.

—  Ashley Odom, worked at Image Designs

My advice is to start working on your personal style; something that sets you apart from other designers. Especially when it comes to residential design, your design reputation is what carries your business. One thing I learned was that designers know each other and their way of working, and designs talk. So I can imagine that anything you do in interior design whether that is as an intern, or as a professional, people will hear about you and what you do. So conduct yourself highly!

—  Shelby Reed, worked at Binion & Grant Inc.

Be open with your supervisor and do not be scared to ask questions. Take pictures of everything when on site and write everything down. It is ok to not know everything, that is what your supervisor is there for. Be confident in what you have learned in school and your skills.

—  Reed Clements, worked at Natural Office Systems

My best advice would be to have an open mind. I think a lot of us have preconceived notions about what a residential or commercial firm may be like but in reality every firm is different and does things differently. Having an open mind is key to having a great internship experience.

—  Taylor Hart, worked at Hultman Interiors

Never be afraid to ask questions and learn new things. It is always better to ask questions than to do something permanent, wrong. When it comes to conflict resolution, I think it is all about communication and having the diligence to work hard so you can show your site coordinator that you are about to work on or close to a level like there’s.

—  Taylor Payne, worked at GSB Architects & Interiors

Internship Openings Spotlight—Atlanta–GA_REQ328155-1

Internship Preparation Dates 2024

Mandatory Internship Orientation: November 6th @4pm Zoom & February 6 @4pm Zoom or by appointment

Preferred due date to Secure a Site

Spring December 8 | Summer April 5 

Due date for Signed Application

Spring January 5th | Summer May 3

Start and End Dates by Section

Starting Dates and End Dates for Both Sections:

Spring January 8- April 29 | Summer May 13- July 11

Material Due Dates

Spring –  March 8  |  Summer – June 14:  Midterm Review

Spring –  April 30  |  Summer – July 15:  Final Review

Internship Scholarship Program

About the Scholarship

The Internship Scholarship Program (ISP), offered by the Office of Career and Professional Development (OCPD), provides scholarships for career-related internships. Beginning in Summer 2019, the OCPD has provided unrestricted awards of up to $3,000 to offset the cost of professional internships that provide minimal or no compensation. Starting in Fall 2022, these internship scholarships will be available to students every academic semester.

  • Must be an undergraduate student in good standing and completed at least 30 credit hours, or a graduate student in good standing.
  • Plan to complete and have secured an internship that is at least six weeks in length and a minimum of 240 hours.
  • The internship meets NACE internship guidelines.
  • Must not have received an ISP award previously.

Applications will include the following:

  • Application via Google Form
  • Résumé
  • One (1) Letter of Recommendation
  • An estimated budget of how scholarship money would be used; click here for a sample budget spreadsheet
  • WINGS Financial Aid award information (screenshots are allowed)

Recent Internship Sites

2KM Architects
Angelica Henry Design
Alicia Mooney Interiors
Amber Marie Interiors · Internship
Amy Morris Interiors
B.E.C. Custom Homes
Bespoke Fine Interiors, Four Hands Furniture, and Cindy Barganier Interiors
Binion & Grant Inc.
Blue Fern Merchant Design Studio
Brittany Cason Interior Design
C. Merrill Construction
Carver and Associates
Catlin Design
Charleston Fine Cabinetry
Cheatham Fletcher Scott Architects + Designers
Corporate Environments
Corporate Studio
Couture House Interiors
Cristi Holcombe Interiors
Dalton Carpet One Floor & Home
Dee Simmons Interiors
Duralee @ADAC Atlanta, GA
ECraft Homes
Elk Supply Company
Facility Services at Georgia Southern
Firm Engineering Construction LLC
Flourish Collaborative
Focus Design Interiors
Forrest Perkins
Founders Kitchen + Bath
GDC Home
Georgia Southern Facilities Planning, Design, and Construction
Graymont Designs
GSB Architects and Interiors
Haven Design and Construction
Havertys Furniture Companies
Health Systems Development, LLC
Hedgewood Homes
Holmes and Salter
Hopper Interiors LLC.
Hultman Interiors
Image Design
J. Palmer Design Group
Jamestown designer kitchen
Jeffrey Bruce Baker Designs
Joel Aviles Architects
Joyce Elizabeth Designs
JW Buckley and Associates; CFS Architects
Laura Driscoll Interiors
Leah Bailey Interiors
Lee Anne Cowart Interiors
M One Interior Design Group
Manley Spangler Smith Architects
Mason Inc
Michael Wolk Design
Minhnuyet Hardy Interiors
Mrs. Howard
Must Have Home
National Office Systems
NGD Interiors
Novus Architects
Olamar Interiors
Pallante Design
Pamela Williams Interior Design
Pierce and Parker Interiors
Pineapple House Interior Design
Prestige Stone & Tile
Restaurants Consulting Group
Rule Joy Trammell + Rubio LLC and James W. Buckley
S. Wilkins Interior Design
Scenario Design Inc.
SDH Designs
Shuster Design Association
Southern Grace Interiors
Susan Ferrier Interiors
T-Duffy & Associates
Taylor House Interiors The Citadel
Timless Designs
Tracery Interiors
TriMark Strategic
Valerie Garrett Interior Design
Watersedge Design Co.
Wimberly Interiors
Wolf Design Group
Yancey Seibert Interior Design

Last updated: 2/12/2024