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Ashraf Saad, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean for Armstrong Campus


Why is Research an important aspect of the College of Engineering & Computing?

  • Research discovers new issues, enhances learning, evaluates knowledge, develops technology.
  • Research processes link learning, critical thinking, development, and innovative strategies.
  • Research fosters professional excellence in faculty.

“Our new Master degrees will be the much needed catalyst for our faculty research and overall scholarship portfolio of the Allen E. Paulson College of Engineering and Computing.
I envision most of our faculty and a large number of students engaged in research activities framed within these new graduate programs”

– Ashraf Saad,

How does Our Research impact Our World?

Our faculty-led research and student projects, explore ways to:

  • measure & minimize impacts on our environment
  • increase efficiency & effectiveness
  • improve product durability or heighten data security
  • trouble-shoot an existing industry issue
  • design better processes & procedures
  • provide partnerships between our College and industry partners

Research Resources

For more information about our Research Initiatives,
contact Ashraf Saad, Ph.D., Assistant Dean for Armstrong Campus 912-344-3084

Last updated: 2/26/2024