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Research Labs

The Allen E. Paulson College of Engineering & Computing Research Labs are used for student learning, research, and hands-on application of engineering and computing concepts

Research LabsFaculty
Laboratory for Advanced Power and Energy Systems (LAPES)Dr. Masoud Davari
Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Cyber Security Laboratory (DAC-lab)Dr. Hayden Wimmer
Antennas and Wireless Propagation Laboratory Dr. Sungkyun Lim
Asphalt LaboratoryDr. Junan Shen
Automation, Robotics and Computer Integrated Manufacturing Laboratory Dr. Daniel Cox
Building Environment and Modeling (BEaM) LaboratoryDr. Marcel Maghiar
Digital Surface Imaging Laboratory Dr. Brian Vleck
LaSurCam Instrumentation Laboratory Dr. Gustavo Maldonado
Manufacturing (Solid Modeling, 3D Scanning, 3D Printing, CNC Machining) Dr. Kamran Kardel
Materials Research LaboratoryDr. Shaowen Xu
Nanocomposite Material Science LaboratoryDr. Mujibur Khan
Optical Network and Smart Grid (ONSmart) LaboratoryDr. Rami Haddad
Renewable Energy and Engines Laboratory Dr. Valentin Soloiu
Robotics and Intelligent Operation Systems (RIOS) Laboratory Dr. Fernando Rios
Engineering & Research FacilityReinhold Gerbsch
Electrical Engineering LabContact Armstrong Campus Department Office
Mechanical Engineering LabContact Armstrong Campus Department Office

Last updated: 6/16/2021