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MfgE Program Educational Objectives

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs):

  • Perform the wide range of activities inherent in the manufacture of world-class products, including affecting product design, materials selection, manufacturing processes and systems design, and production validation. Graduates are recognized for their ability to apply hands-on engineering expertise.
  • Integrate manufacturing processes into effective systems for producing goods that compete in the world market while having a positive impact on the fiscal performance of the manufacturing enterprise. Graduates have a demonstrated ability to recognize manufacturing business problems and implement effective solutions.
  • Work in multidisciplinary teams and effectively lead cross-functional teams in the design, implementation, and improvement of manufacturing processes and systems.
  • Graduates are skilled in written and oral presentation of their ideas essential to the manufacturing environment.
  • Continue to pursue knowledge and professional growth by engaging in lifelong learning with an evolving set of comprehensive skills appropriate to the needs of the dynamic global economy.
  • Contribute as professionally, ethically, and globally aware members of society with involvement in service activities that benefit the profession and the community.

Last updated: 5/6/2018