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Faculty Research Interests

Civil Engineering

Dr. Francisco Cubas-Suazo: Watershed, lake and reservoir management; nutrients and pollutants in water; water quality management

Dr. George Fu: Water and wastewater treatment; biofilters for water treatment; color removal from pulp mill effluent, water quality management; storm water management & treatment

Dr. Saman Hedjazi: Structural engineering, bridge engineering, FEA, time-dependent behavior of structures, rehabilitation of existing structures

Dr. Gustavo Maldonado: Structural analysis, earthquake/wind engineering, civil engineering materials, applications of terrestrial LiDAR, plane surveying

Dr. Soonkie Nam: Unsaturated soils, slope stability, soil improvement and engineered materials, transportation geotechnics

Dr. Shahnam Navaee: Large deflections of flexible structural members, contact problem of solid bodies, structural engineering, educational research

Dr. Roger Purcell: Geospatial analysis, applications in precise positioning, preservation of pavement, transportation infrastructure

Dr. Junan Shen: Durable, energy-saving, green pavement using “crumb” rubber; pavement structures; civil engineering materials; geotechnical engineering; highway design and transportation engineering; soil mechanics and foundations

Computer Science

Dr. Medhi Allahyari: Semantic web, linked open data; topic models; text mining, machine learning; data analysis, social and information networks; knowledge discovery in healthcare and biomedical sciences

Dr. Andrew Allen: Software engineering, model-driven engineering, software testing, distributed systems, autonomic computing

Dr. Pradipta De:  Distributed systems, mobile computing, performance modeling, computer networks

Dr. James Harris: Computer security, algorithms, computer science education

Dr. Vladen Jovanovic: Data systems design and validation, software process standardization and improvement, software systems quality assurance and testing, systems and software requirements and architecture, system design

Dr. Lixin Lee: Geospatial Big Data, GIS, databases, spatiotemporal interpolation methods, medical imaging

Dr. Murali Medidi: Sensor networking, pervasive computing, parallel and distributed computing

Dr. Weitian Tong: Privacy protection, data science, social networking, networking, algorithm design

Dr. Kai Wang: Graph theory, algorithms, computational complexity, cryptography, data analysis

Dr. Wen-ran Zhang: Information conservational computing, equilibrium-based business intelligence, mind-matter unification

Construction Management

Dr. Yunfeng (Cindy) Chen: BIM (Building Information Modeling), impact of construction technology, construction education, financial management, real estate

Dr. Myung Goo Jeong: Quality assurance in pavement construction, pavement materials characterization and design, pavement performance prediction and modeling, highway design and asphalt mix

Dr. Seonghoon Kim: Construction productivity, heavy highway construction, scheduling and cost estimating, building materials and systems, piezoelectric energy harvesting

Dr. Marcel Maghiar: Construction process modeling/productivity, cognitive processes in construction trades, BIM applications/lean construction, building energy efficiency

Dr. Celine Manoosingh: Sustainable construction techniques, system design for energy efficiency, life cycle assessment, pollutant emission reduction, engineering economic assessment

Mr. Clint Martin: Feasibility and conceptual estimating, lean project delivery, sustainable construction practices, construction education outcome improvement

Dr. Peter D. Rogers: Heavy civil construction, water and wastewater systems, utility management and planning, water and sanitation in developing countries, fluid mechanics and hydraulics

Electrical Engineering

Dr. Mohammad Ahad: Bioinstrumentation, biosensors, biosignal modeling; embedded systems; FPGA-based digital system design using VHDL

Dr. M. Rocio Alba-Flores: Control systems, embedded systems, digital and analog circuit design, mobile robots, signal and image processing

Dr. Masoud Davari: Cybersecurity of modern DC grids; operation, protection, control & automation of smart microgrids; simulation of power electronic devices & power systems; application of power electronic converters; integration of renewable energy resources in power systems and smart grids

Dr. Adel El-Shahat: Smart grid (micro- and nano-grid) systems, power electronics, renewable and distributed energy systems, electric machines and drives, power systems analysis

Dr. Weinan Gao:  Control and optimization, reinforcement learning, connected and autonomous vehicles, robotics, intelligent transportation systems

Dr. Rami Haddad: Optical fiber communication systems and networks, multimedia networking and video bandwidth forecasting, power systems and smart grid applications, sustainability and energy harvesting

Dr. Youakim Kalaani: Renewable energy, power systems, optimization using planning and operation

Dr. Sungkyun Lim: Antennas for wireless communications, electrically small antennas, supergain arrays and propagation modeling; RFID and wireless sensors, wireless energy havest and power transfer

Dr. Hadi Moazzam: System identification, analog and digital electronics, wireless sensor networks, network security, central control room

Dr. Fernando Rios: Robotics, artificial intelligence, embedded systems, sensor interfaces, control systems

Dr. Omid Semiari: Wireless communications and networking, millimeter wave communications, context-aware resource allocation, matching theory, signal processing

Dr. Salman Siddiqui: Robotics, communication systems, signal and imaging processing, embedded systems

Information Technology

Dr. Lei Chen: Network and information security, cloud and Big Data security, digital forensics, multimedia

Dr. Chris Kadlec: Technology-mediated learning, end-user and IS professional training, network security/disaster recovery, collaboration technology, telecommunications

Dr. Hayden Wimmer: Artificial intelligence, data science and mining, health IT, information systems education, networking

Manufacturing Engineering

Dr. Mahmoud Baniasadi: Multifunctional materials; nano-manufacturing; bio-inspired materials and composites; piezoelectricity, pyroelectricity, energy harvesting; materials characterization

Dr. Daniel Cox: Robot manipulation, robotic manufacturing applications, manufacturing automation, manufacturing execution systems, design for automation

Dr. Haijun Gong: Additive manufacturing, 3D printing, material characterization, mechanical testing, solid modeling

Dr. Vladimir Gurau: Fuel cells, robotics, electrochemical micro- and nano-machining, mechatronics, flexible manufacturing systems

Dr. Kamran Kardel: Advanced manufacturing, additive manufacturing, biomaterial engineering, surface engineering, manufacturing systems design

Dr. Drew Snelling: Metal additive manufacturing, metal-ceramic cellular materials, wireless structural health monitoring

Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Prakash Bhoi: Advanced biofuels and biopower, hydrocarbon and jet fuels, renewable fuels-based IC engines and burners, biomass gasification and catalytic fast pyrolysis, modeling of advanced biofuels processes

Dr. Junghun Choi: Medical devices — colonoscopy related and bioimpedance measurement; bio-mechatronics, air quality monitoring systems, dynamics and hardware control

Dr. Anoop Desai: Six sigma and lean engineering; ergonomics and new product planning, development and design; product life cycle management; manufacturing processes and facilities design, quality control and engineering economy

Dr. Marcel Ilie: Combustion modeling, fluid dynamics and biofluids, turbomachinery, renewable energy, propulsion and turbulence

Dr. Mujibur Khan: Hybrid polymer-nanoparticle fibers, electrospinning and solution spinning, polymeric fibers, nanoscale advanced materials, bionanotechnology

Dr. Ermias Koricho: Vehicle design and testing

Dr. Aniruddha Mitra: Modeling of composites, vibration analysis, engineering education (Director, Georgia’s Project Lead the Way)

Dr. Gustavo Molina: Triboemission of charged particles; renewable energy re: tribology, surface science and biofuels; tribology of nanofluids; vacuum tribology

Dr. Mosfequr Rahman: Wind turbines (Savonius and vertical axis), nanofluids and tribology, photostrictive optical actuators, laminar natural convection

Dr. Xuchun Ren: Structure optimization, design under certainty, computational solid mechanics, uncertainty quantification, vehicle crash-worthiness

Dr. Biswanath Samanta: Mechatronics, control systems, swarm robotics, advanced signal processing, computational intelligence in engineering and biomedicine

Dr. Minchul Shin: Mechatronics, MEMS and nanotechnology, micro-robots, acoustic sensors, gesture recognition

Dr. Bishal Silwal: Welding and joining, arc-based additive manufacturing, transport phenomena in material processing

Dr. Valentin Soloiu: Renewable and sustainable biofuels, advanced combustion technologies, heat transfer and emissions, spray dynamics and mixture formation, smart-engine control strategies

Dr. Brian Vlcek: Tribology – fatigue testing, probabilistic modeling and Weibull analysis; life and failure of jet engine turbine hubs and blades; impact of surface coatings on fatigue failure; aluminum fatigue lifting; Monte Carlo simulations of fatigue life

Dr. Shaowen Xu: Friction stir welding processing; advanced nanomaterials, nanofracture and nanofailure; material behavior of advanced engineering materials and bio-materials; transient dynamics of extreme loads; stress analysis

Last updated: 7/19/2023