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HSK Faculty Develop No-Cost HAP Library Guide

In 2021, five Department of Health Sciences and Kinesiology faculty members received a $30,000 Affordable Learning Georgia Transformation grant targeting the Human Anatomy and Physiology (HAP) laboratory courses at Georgia Southern University. Team members included Diana Botnaru, M.D., Jody Langdon, Ph.D., Matthew Syno, M.S., Nicholas Siekirk, Ph.D., and Sam Wilson, Ph.D.

HAP labs are two-semester undergraduate courses required for most majors in the Waters College of Health Professions and enroll approximately 2,700 students each academic year.

The project aimed to create low-cost and no-cost course materials for all sections and had four objectives: pedagogical transformation, supplementary/ancillary materials creation, student success and student savings. The team created a no-cost library guide found on the GS library website at The library guide went live in January 2022 and in that year was viewed over 28,000 times making it the most viewed library guide at Georgia Southern.

The success of the guide would not have been possible without the help of Dawn Cannon-Rech, Deborah Walker and students Zack Shollenberger and Samantha Baxter.


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