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Faculty/Staff Diversity

Georgia Southern University’s Inclusive Excellence Statement

Inclusive excellence is a strategic pillar and a core value at Georgia Southern University. We recognize that our success as an institution of higher learning depends on our ability to embrace, value and appreciate the diversity of students, staff, faculty, administrators and alumni across our campuses. Inclusive excellence is continuous and comprehensive; intentional and dynamic; transformational and innovative and is embedded in all aspects of our culture and actions. Inclusive excellence speaks to sustaining a campus climate that honors, respects and is inclusive of all elements of diversity that makes each of us unique: culture, race, ethnicity, color, national origin, sex, age, (dis)ability, creed, religious or spiritual beliefs, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, class, gender identity, gender expression, veteran status, political philosophy, etc. We uphold that all of our individual differences enrich our university. Together, we are Georgia Southern – committed to growing ourselves to grow others.

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Religious Observances

In the spirit of diversity, equity and inclusion, the Waters College of Health Professions (WCHP) recognizes that many of our members observe sacred religious holidays. We further recognize that on these occasions adhering to normal schedules and regular duties may be prohibited for some faculty, staff and students. On such days, it is important for all who do not share in these same practices to be sensitive to the observances of those who do, and to make necessary accommodations.

The calendar link provided is a non-exhaustive list of globally recognized religious observances. Please note that Jewish and Islamic observances begin at sundown the evening before the date listed. In addition, some dates may be approximate when based on the lunar calendar.

Multi-Faith Calendar of Religious Holidays

It is the policy of the university to permit students, faculty and staff to observe those holidays set aside by their chosen religious faith. For more information, please view the University’s Holiday Observance policy.

Torch Bearer Award

The Torch Bearer Award is named in recognition of Dr. Otis Johnson and Dr. John D. Bradley. As the first African American students on the Armstrong and Statesboro campuses, these men were Georgia Southern’s first torch bearers. Their lives speak to advancing inclusion, equity and access.

Annually, one WCHP faculty member, one WCHP staff member and one WCHP group will be awarded the Torch Bearer Award.

Who can be nominated?

Individual awards are open to faculty and staff in the Waters College of Health Professions who have advanced inclusion, equity and access to any Georgia Southern campus or on the local, state, national or international level.

The group award is open to any department, unit, team or registered organization in the Waters College of Health Professions who have advanced inclusion, equity and access on any Georgia Southern campus or on the local, state, national or international level.

How are selections made?

To be considered for the Inclusion, Equity & Access Award the individual/group must show strong evidence of engagement in projects that:

  • Significantly promote Inclusion, equity, access, and cultural competency development among WCHP employed faculty, staff, enrolled students and/or within local, state, national, and international organizations;
  • Address key areas of inclusion, equity and access such as recruitment, retention, campus/department climate, research, clinical practice or community outreach;
  • Lead initiatives in capturing outcomes of increased awareness, understanding or promoting diversity;
  • Implement steps toward fostering diversity in the workplace with programs that maximize the potential of all people;
  • Creating partnerships between managers and employees to resolve diversity workplace issues;
  • Promoting diversity workplace education and communication ideas; and/or
  • Improving cultural competency through educational initiatives.

When assessing the organization’s or individual’s community-related projects, the reviewers look at initiatives that involve the following efforts:

  • Providing support to diversity programs designed to improve people’s cultural awareness and sensitivity;
  • Taking a proactive role in local diversity and minority issues by, for example, building relationships with diversity advisory councils or educating citizens on matters of diversity disparities;
  • Encouraging employee volunteerism in regard to cultural connections;
  • Participating in diversity outreach programs that help people to learn more about the WCHP mission towards enhancing diversity.

What are the conditions of the award?

  • NOMINATION: All nominees will be notified by the selection committee upon receipt of the nomination.
  • AWARD: Recipients will receive a plaque with their name engraved, which recipients may keep.
  • STIPEND: Recipients shall receive a monetary award to be announced at the award ceremony.

How are nominations made?

  • Submit a nomination form to the WCHP IEA Committee.
  • Submit a Body of Work Statement. This statement must address the award criteria and should not exceed 500 words.
  • Self nominations are welcomed.
  • Group nominations (i.e., departments, units, teams or registered organizations) must include a list of all members.

Supporting documentation:

  • Two letters of support from two sources other than the nominator. Each letter of support is not to exceed 500 words.
  • Any documentation that further supports why this individual or group should receive this award. (i.e., syllabi, event/course materials, data supporting impact of this individual/group, etc.)

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Faculty Award: Charles “Hal” Wilson, Ph.D. (2021)

Last updated: 10/4/2021