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Health Sciences BHS Concentration in Human Performance/Fitness Management

Format: In person on the Armstrong Campus in Savannah
Credit Hours: 124

Graduates from the health sciences BHS with a concentration in human performance/fitness management is responsible for optimizing the health and performance of those involved in sporting activity at all levels. Employment settings may include hospital-based wellness centers, corporate wellness programs, nonprofit wellness programs and health and fitness centers.

Interested in a minor in human performance and fitness management?

Accelerated Bachelors to Masters (MSSM-ABM)

Qualified students of the Human Performance/Fitness Management concentration may also be eligible for an accelerated bachelor’s to master’s (ABM) program. ABM programs allow you to begin graduate studies in your senior year so you can accelerate completion of a graduate degree. You’ll earn both a bachelor’s and a graduate degree faster. And since any graduate courses taken as an undergraduate are billed at the undergraduate tuition rate, you’ll save money too.

The MSSM-ABM is designed to allow students currently enrolled in the human performance/fitness management concentration the opportunity to enter the Master of Science in Sports Medicine program after completing 90 credit hours.

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Last updated: 2/8/2023