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Sport Management Minor

Format: In person at Statesboro Campus
Credit Hours: 18

Customized your degree with a sport management minor!

Are you ready to take your degree to another level? The sport management minor is open to all majors and prepares students with the foundational knowledge in the management of sport organizations.

Sport Management Minor Curriculum

The minor in sport management allows students an opportunity to blend their major in
another discipline with core sport management courses.

Minor Courses

  • Choose 1: Survey of Accounting or Principles of Accounting I: A study of the theory and application of accounting concepts used to gather and report economic information to users within and outside of the organization. The course stresses the use of accounting information for decision making within the framework of a free economy. OR
    Principles of Accounting I: The theory and application of financial accounting concepts for reporting financial information to outside users. The course stresses the relationship between the rules by which financial statements are prepared and the use of financial statement information for decision making
  • Introduction to Sport Management: Introduces students to the meaning of sport management in terms of its scope, foundations, issues and future trends. Examines the job responsibilities and competencies required of sport managers in a variety of sports, or sport-related organizations. 
  • Social Issues of Sport: Helps the student understand the social aspect of sport. Specifically, examines such topics as how social phenomena affect sport participation and behavior, and how the dynamic nature and diverse parameters of society affect the sport industry.
  • Financial Management of Sport: Examines the fundamental concepts and theories of finance applicable to the field of sport management. 
  • Management of Sport Organizations: Introduces the student to the operation of actual sport enterprises.
  • Legal Aspects of Sport: Helps the student understand the legal aspects of negligence, intentional torts, the essentials of contracts, and elements of constitutional law as they apply to the sport industry and helps the student understand risk management in the sport industry. 

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How Do I Declare the Sport Management Minor Minor?

Students can declare a sport management minor by going into and clicking on the change major/minor link. Students will work with their current major advisor to be advised for their minor. Students should be sure to take the courses listed in the minor as found in the University Catalog.

Last updated: 12/19/2023