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Soldier Athlete Human Performance Optimization (SAHPO) Program


The program is designed to prevent and reduce injuries in soldiers. Data has shown a significant decrease in the number of injuries to soldiers enrolled in the program. Through a train-the-trainer model, Doctor of Physical Therapy students provide education to select soldiers who then take the information back to their units. Soldiers participating in the program are able to receive university credit toward a Tactical Athlete Certificate.

Program Benefits

  • Aims to decrease soldier evacuation due to musculoskeletal disorders, which account for 25 percent of all military injuries
  • Allows the State of Georgia to take an innovative stance on improving force readiness.
  • Enhances ties between the local communities and the Army.
  • Creates opportunities for students to gain experience working with tactical athletes/local military by understanding the unique demands of armored brigade combat teams.


Nancy Henderson, PT, Ph.D., DPT, OCS, Cert MDT


Last updated: 11/7/2023