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Ming Fang He

Curriculum, Foundations and Reading
Statesboro Campus

Office: 3130 College of Education Building
Phone: 912-478-1546

Interests: Education, inquiry, and life in-between the Eastern, Western, and exile philosophy and pedagogy with a particular focus on Confucius, Dewey, Makiguchi, Ikeda, and Saïd, cross-cultural narrative inquiry of language, culture, and identity in multicultural contexts; cross-cultural teacher education, curriculum studies, activist practitioner inquiry, social justice research, exile curriculum, narrative of curriculum in the U. S. South, transnational and diasporic studies; oral histories of Chinese immigrants and their children’s experience of language, culture, identity, and power in the neighborhoods, communities, and schools in the U. S. South; activist practitioner inquiry that explores life in Southern U. S. schools, families, and communities; and research on the education of minority and disenfranchised individuals and groups in Asia

Education: B.A., Wuhan University; M.Ed., University of Toronto; Ph.D., University of Toronto

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Last updated: 2/26/2024