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Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship

The Georgia Southern (GS) Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program provides scholarships covering the cost of attendance, with a maximum value of $37,500. These scholarships are available for students majoring in Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Mathematics, or Physics who complete dual undergraduate degrees in their content areas (B.A./B.S.) along with a B.S. Ed in Secondary Education, OR those pursuing a Master of Arts in Teaching degree, which lead to the attainment of a Georgia secondary teaching credential.

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Paid internship experiences are also available for freshman and sophomore students who have an interest in teaching secondary biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics.

Application Requirements:

The undergraduate for the GS Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program is open to all junior majors in biology, chemistry, biochemistry, mathematics, or physics, or education majors interested in a dual degree. Applications are now being accepted.

The graduate GS Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program is open to all second-year MAT students who have completed bachelor’s degrees in a STEM field and are not a teacher of record.

  • Noyce applicant information.
  • A short essay.
  • Current program and expected graduation date.
  • One professional recommendation speaking to your ability to teach STEM programs. Recommendations letters can be uploaded within the application, or emailed to, or completed using the form.
  • A copy of your most recent transcript (unofficial is acceptable).

Benefits Our Noyce Scholars Receive

Undergraduate Dual Degrees: One, two, or three year Scholarships available.

Graduate M.A.T Degree: Scholarships available for completing the last three semesters of the MAT program. Applicants cannot be a teacher of record.

COSM STEM Majors interested in exploring a teaching career. Single-semester opportunities available for freshman and sophomores.

National Science Foundation (NSF) Logo

The Georgia Southern University (GS) Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF Award # 2151023).

More information on the Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program is available on the national Robert Noyce Scholarship Program website or the National Science Foundation website

Last updated: 3/22/2024