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Educational Leadership, M.Ed (Online)

About the Program

Format: Online
Credit Hours: 36
Entry Term: Fall

The Educational Leadership Master of Education (M.Ed.) Degree Program is a fully online 36-credit graduate program designed to prepare Educational Leadership (EDLD) candidates for Tier I initial leadership positions that include P-12 school level assistant principals or the equivalent, or other Local Unit of Administration (LUA) staff who do not supervise principals pursuant to the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC) Educational Leadership Preparation Rule (Rule 505-3-.77). Students must be currently employed in a K12 setting and possess a Professional Level Four Certificate or higher in a leadership, teacher, service or related field. Embedded within this program is Tier I Leadership Certification, which may be taken independently as an 18-credit Tier I Educational Leadership Certificate-Only pathway for those who already possess an M.Ed., as well as a 9-credit Teacher-Leader Endorsement (TLE). The M.Ed. Educational Leadership program provides a unique opportunity for K12 educational leaders to further develop the skills necessary for school administrative positions through a rigorous performance-based coursework resulting in a master’s degree as well as certification, with certification conferred via the GaPSC. The program is administered through the cohort model, and the course sequence is prescribed and provided to candidates upon admission. The 250 required hours of clinical practice are job-embedded and performance-based throughout the program, and are guided cooperatively by the university and the school/district partner via supervised field experience courses. The curriculum is based on an inquiry approach that emphasizes foundation knowledge and skills, including research skills applicable to a multitude of education topics and issues, and is intended to enhance current and future educational leaders’ knowledge, skills, and dispositions.

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Admission Requirements

  1. Complete requirements for a Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution.
  2. Possess a Georgia Professional Level Four Certificate of higher in a teacher, service, or leadership field.
  3. Present a cumulative 2.75 (4.0 scale) grade point average or higher on all undergraduate and graduate work combined.
  4. Submit a personal statement of purpose, not to exceed 200 words, that identifies the applicant’s reasons for pursuing graduate study and how admission into the program relates to the applicant’s professional aspirations.
  5. Acknowledge Disclosure and Affirmation questions within the application that address misconduct disclosure, the Code of Ethics for Educators, and tort liability insurance.
  6. Submit The Principal’s Assurance Form, click here to view the form.
  7. Submit a current resume or CV that highlights the personal and professional achievements of the applicant. Candidate must be employed in a P-12 school setting in order to complete required field experience hours.
  8. Submit a passing score on the state-required Georgia Educator Ethics for Educational Leadership Assessment.

*International transcripts must be evaluated by a NACES accredited evaluation service and must be a course by course evaluation and include a GPA. (

**It is important to note that admission to and completion of Tier 1 does not ensure employment in a leadership position. Under state law, completion of an approved Tier 1 program will not lead to additional pay until employed by a Local Unit of Administration (LUA) in a leadership position that requires Tier 1 certification. **

Applicants may be approved for provisional admission based on the quality of the admission material presented. Provisional students must earn grades of ‘B’ or higher in their first nine (9) hours of course work after admission and meet any other stipulations outlined by the department to be converted to regular status.



July 1*


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Does not admit

*The application and all ​​required documents listed on the “admissions requirements” tab​ for the program must be received by the deadline.  If all required documents are not received by the deadline your application will not be considered for admission.

Program Contact Information

Graduate Academic Services Center

Last updated: 5/23/2023