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Georgianne Moore, Chair & Professor
Ecohydrology; Tree Physiology; Forest Ecology; Tropical Rainforests; Drought and Water Resources; Global Change Biology

Dmitry Apanaskevich, Professor
Systematics of ticks

Craig Aumack, NTT-Assistant Professor
Phycology; chemical ecology; sea ice; polar communities

Lorenza Beati, Professor
Ticks, Ixodida, evolution, phylogeography, population genetics

Christine Bedore, Associate Professor
Sensory ecology; elasmobranchs; cephalopods; vision; electroreception

Brigette Brinton, Academic Professional AC/Lecturer
Marine biology; animal behavior; parasitology; sustainability

Jennifer Brofft Bailey, Professor
Environmental microbiology; microbiomes; bacterial symbionts; sea turtle pathogens; science education

Lisa Brown, Associate Professor
Insect immunology; medical and veterinary entomology; vector biology

G. Denise Carroll, Senior Lecturer
Impacts of land use on aquatic ecosystems; science education

John Carroll, Associate Professor
Benthic ecology; shellfish restoration and restoration ecology; applied coastal ecology

Michelle Cawthorn, Associate Professor
Small mammals, science literacy

Wasimul Chowdhury, NTT-Assistant professor
Biosynthesis of polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) biodegradable polymers

Risa Cohen, Associate Chair & Professor
Wetland and coastal ecology; restoration and conservation of aquatic communities; ecotoxicology

Alex Collier, Professor
Influence of predation stress on larval development; developmental plasticity of amphibians

J. Checo Colon-Gaud, Professor
Freshwater Ecology; Aquatic Invertebrates; Food Webs; Broadening Participation

Kathryn Craven, Professor
Sea turtle biology; vertebrate reproductive physiology; diamondback terrapins; marine biology; conservation of endangered/protected species

Christopher Cutler, Professor
Molecular physiology; molecular biology; eels; sharks; ion and water transport; osmoregulation; aquaporins; cotransporters

Michele Cutwa, Senior lecturer
Mosquito taxonomy and ecology; fish feeding ecomorphology; freeze-tolerance in herptiles.

Sue Ellen DeChenne-Peters, Associate Professor
Course-Based undergraduate research experiences; teaching in biology classrooms; development of science process skills

Geneva DeMars, Senior lecturer
Human reproductive endocrinology; GPCR’s and G proteins; membrane biology

Andrew Diamanduros, Academic Professional
Electron and Confocal Microscopes Use / Instruction, Immunology, Autoimmunity, Microbiology, Physiology

Austin Francis, Associate Professor
Functional and ecological morphology of fishes; vertebrate form and function; flatfish biology

Joshua Gibson, Assistant professor
Evolutionary and speciation genomics of insects; metabolic physiology; social evolution and colony recognition in ants

Daniel Gleason, Professor and Director Institute of Coastal Plain Sci.
Marine invertebrate ecology and physiology; coral reef ecology

Stephen Greiman, Associate Professor
Parasitology; parasitic flatworm taxonomy and systematics; bacterial symbiont diversity; evolution and transmission biology; microbiomes

Sara Gremillion, Professor
Mycology, Cell Biology, Science Education

Michele Guidone, Associate professor
Marine and freshwater ecology; plant ecology; phycology; invasive species

J. Scott Harrison, Associate Professor
Ecological and evolutionary genetics of marine invertebrates; speciation and the genetic basis of reduced fitness in hybrids

Alan Harvey, Professor
Ecology of: invasive species; plant-arthropod protective mutualisms; larval tiger beetles

Jay Hodgson, Professor
Aquatic ecology; predator and prey ecology; paleoecology; pedagogy of teaching evolution

Heather Joesting, Associate Professor
Coastal Plant Ecology, Salt Marsh Ecology, Coastal Management, Plant Physiological Ecology, Aquaponics

Alejandra Lara-Chavez, Associate Director of Biology Non-Majors Program
Plant tissue culture techniques; micropropagation; transformation; molecular biology; beneficial bacteria endophytes.

Lissa Leege, Professor
Plant population ecology, threats to rare species, sand dune restoration, effects of invasive species, sustainability

Johanne Lewis, Associate Professor
comparative physiology and biochemistry; environmental stress; fish

Faith Loggins, Visiting INST

Marylou Machingura, Associate Professor
Molecular physiology of crop plants, yaupon holly, sorghum, Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Robert Mans, Associate Professor
Cellular processes underlying learning, memory and neurodegeneration; Environmental neuroscience

Scott Mateer, Professor
Regulation of actin polymerization and cell motility by the cellular protein, IQGAP 1; regulation of the activity of Protein Phosphatase 2A by the viral protein, SV40 Small T Antigen

Loren Mathews, Senior lecturer
Aquatic ecology; water quality; phytoplankton community dynamics

Lance McBrayer, Professor
Behavior; Organismal Physiology; Functional Anatomy; Ecology; Evolution

Edward Mondor, Associate professor
Forensic entomology; Insect ecology; Decomposition; Time of death; Postmortem interval

Christina Ndaluka, Senior lecturer
Zoonotic diseases

Traci Ness, Professor
Innate immunology including cytokines and their receptors, toll-like receptors (TLRs) and other pattern recognition receptors, and macrophage phagocytosis and killing; bacterial and viral pathogenesis; mechanisms of immune evasion by pathogens; macrophage responses to pathogens

CJ Pell, Postdoctoral Associate

Carl Reiber, Professor and Provost
Physiology; developmental biology

James Roberts, Associate professor
fish ecology; vertebrate population dynamics; landscape genetics; fisheries science; conservation biology

Aaron Schrey, Professor
Epigenetics, Population Genetics, Molecular Ecology

Ben Schumm, Visiting INST

Anthony Siccardi, Assistant Professor
Aquaculture of commercially important fish and shellfish species; aquaculture nutrition; algal turf scrubber systems; sustainable aquaculture/aquaponics systems

Lace Svec, Principal Lecturer
Behavioral neurobiology; neuroendocrinology in zebra finches

Taylor Templeton, Visiting INST

Stephen Vives, Professor
Aquatic Biology, Fish Ecology, Fish Behavior, Animal Behavior

Travis Williams, Visiting INST

Dynisty Wright, Visiting INST

Tiehang Wu, Professor
Molecular microbial ecology; soil ecology; mycorrhizas

Jennifer Zettler, Professor
Insect-plant interactions; ecological effects of invasive insects; insect-microbial symbioses; sustainable aquaculture

Emeritus faculty

John Bozeman

C. Ray Chandler

James Claiborne

Jonathan Copeland

Lance Durden

Quentin Fang

Frank French

Sophie George

Dan Hagan

Bill Irby

Wayne Krissinger

Brett Larson

Kishwaur Maur

D. Kelly McLain

John Parrish

Ann Pratt

Oscar Pung

David Rostal

Gail Wynn


Mr. Craig Banks, Research Technician & Adjunct Instructor (Statesboro)
Office: Biological Sciences 1171
Phone: (912) 478-0555

Mr. Joe Cox, Laboratory Coordinator (Statesboro)
Office: Biological Sciences 1166
Phone: (912) 478-4401

Dr. Alejandra Lara-Chavez, Associate Director of Biology Non-Majors Program (Statesboro)
Office: Natural Sciences 1104B
Phone: (912) 478-1725

Mr. Bil Leidersdorf, Lab Technician (Armstrong)
Office: SC 1204
Phone: (912) 344-2985

Neysa Parham, Lab Coordinator (Armstrong)
Office: SC 1017
Phone: (912) 478-0943

Ms. Dyana Van Tassell, Administrative Assistant II (Statesboro)
Office: Biological Sciences 1142
Phone: (912) 478-1531

Graduate Students

The graduate program in biology attracts graduate students from all over the United States and many foreign countries.  Recent international students have come from Africa, Asia, and South America.


Zachary CzoerCarrollStatesboro
Mark HoogSchreyArmstrong
Ellesse Lauer SchreyArmstrong
Carisa MacphersonCyronakArmstrong
James WestphalenCyronakArmstrong


Rokeya Ahmed GreimanStatesboro
Lauren Albury RobertsStatesboro
Wil Atencio Carroll, J.Statesboro
Kristin Bailey ZettlerArmstrong
Leanne Baker (Non-thesis)
Natalie Boydstun Carroll, J.Statesboro
Michael Brennan McBrayerStatesboro
Frank Braun Roberts
Brad Cayson FrancisArmstrong
Sarah Childress CawthornStatesboro
Amanda Conner DeChenne-PetersArmstrong
Ember Crutchfield MooreStatesboro
Alejandra Daniel GleasonStatesboro
Ananta Dave (Non-thesis)
Jackson Davis Robert/VivesStatesboro
Danielle Dawkins SchreyArmstrong
Skyler Fox LeegeStatesboro
Julia Frees CohenStatesboro
Peter Galusky (Non-thesis)
Melanie Gibson SchreyArmstrong
Zach Gordon Colon-GaudStatesboro
Megan Grams SchreyArmstrong
Katrina Harvey GuidoneArmstrong
Blake Horne (Non-thesis)
Oluremi Ige
Juan Jeronimo-Rangel HarveyStatesboro
Toefeek Jimoh SiccardiArmstrong
Gillian Johnson MondorStatesboro
Hannah Kelehear MansArmstrong
Raymond Kidder Colon-GaudStatesboro
Samantha Kilian CohenStatesboro
Patrick Lewis RobertsStatesboro
Michelle Lowery SiccardiArmstrong
Alex MacFarland
Molly McKeon Colon-GaudStatesboro
Kyle Mundy Carroll, J.Statesboro
Sarah Murray SchreyArmstrong
Bridgette Nicolosi Roberts/VivesStatesboro
Renee Nowicki GibsonStatesboro
Esosa OmoregieCutlerStatesboro
Dominick Oursler (Non-thesis)
Maygan Palacios JoestingArmstrong
Allie Radeuge Caroll, J.Statesboro
Daniella RaySchreyArmstrong
Ali Raza (Non-thesis)
Jessie Rivera Carroll, J.Statesboro
Myisha Samuel SittamaneStatesboro
Justin Sanclemente McBrayerStatesboro
Conner Simon CohenStatesboro
Oneli Siribaddana JiaStatesboro
Alex Snyder (Ness/Zettler)Ness/ZettlerArmstrong
Kristina StrozzoMooreStatesboro
Luke Sundquist Carroll, J.Statesboro
Lexi Theisen Colon-GaudStatesboro
Meghan TurnerBrofft-BaileyArmstrong
Reggie TurnerColon-GaudStatesboro
Kathleen Weber BrownStatesboro
Brooklyn Zwinklis CawthornStatesboro

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