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Geosciences at Georgia Southern University

Ossabaw Island
Ossabaw Island (2)

Georgia Southern University is located approximately 40 miles inland from Savannah and sits on the Atlantic Coastal Plain. Field research across the region is integral to geology and geography programs, and the senior thesis – an experience that is available to all students – is a three course capstone sequence that prepares students to conduct scientific research.

Geology students and faculty regularly travel throughout the Southeast, investigating landforms, coastal processes, biotic communities of the Atlantic Coastal Plain, ancient coastal sediments of the Inner Coastal Plain and the crystalline rocks of the Piedmont and Blue Ridge. The Paleozoic sedimentary rocks and fossils of the Appalachian Mountains in northwest Georgia comprise a favorite research site.

Field studies in geography may include biogeographical surveys or excursions to sites of cultural or economic interest. Expanding capabilities in geographic information science offer enhanced opportunities to work in local and regional planning and resource characterization.

Geology and geography students explore land use patterns and processes in Ecuador, British Columbia, Europe and the Caribbean through international study programs sponsored by the Department.

Last updated: 8/7/2023