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Educational Administrators

6As a participating school district, your high school teacher will be partnered with a biology graduate student from Georgia Southern University that will assist them with biology, chemistry and/or physical science enrichment activities throughout the year. All fellows also bring in advanced technology to address Georgia Performance Standards on biotechnology/molecular biology/genetics.

All high school instructors are expected to pursue in-class implementations, generate products for dissemination, complete program-related surveys (e.g. demographic information on students, class size, grade level), and collect student learning assessment data to obtain the stipend associated with the program.

During the academic year, the graduate student will assist your instructor with the implementation of teaching modules that their team designs. The graduate student will be present in the classroom when the equipment-intensive portion of the exercise(s) is completed and the university will provide the advanced molecular biology equipment needed for the exercise(s). All teaching modules will be reviewed and aligned to the state science standards by the partner teacher and a Georgia Southern University professor from the Department of Learning and Teaching and then made available for district wide sharing through this website.

8A Georgia Southern University professor from the Department of Learning and Teaching will conduct on-site evaluations throughout the school year and will address all concerns and support the team’s development of teaching modules.

Participating school district are asked to set aside funds for supplies (up to $500/year), equipment to ensure sustainability of activities, and professional development days as part of the STEMstars program.

For more information about participating in this program, please contact the STEMstars Program Director, Laura Regassa at 912-478-7524 or

Last updated: 2/26/2016