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High School Teachers

7STEMstars uses dedicated teams of high school science teachers and biology graduate students to bring high-tech science and science career options to area high school students. Georgia Southern University biology graduate students serve as content experts for teachers, providing information and molecular biology technical skills, while infusing their research into the lesson plans and lab activities.

As a partner teacher you will direct all curriculum revisions and be the driving force for all reform, while the graduate student will be available to serve as a resource (e.g. provide info, find examples, trial wet labs, generate draft handouts, teach selected segments of new activities, identify outdoor resources, etc.). The graduate student will come to your school on a regular basis to assist you (starting sometime in September). The high school students benefit from the infusion of hands-on relevant science activities in the classroom, while the high school teachers and graduate students grow professionally. The teachers gain content knowledge, university access and classroom assistance; and the graduate students enhance their leadership and communication skills through real-world experiences and engaging, intensive teamwork.

9According to Yvonne Arnsdorff, Effingham County High School partner teacher, she sees the program’s impact reflected in her students’ attitudes toward science. “I can’t believe the difference the STEMstars program has made in my classroom. My students are excited about science. They ask more questions, detailed questions about scientific outcomes and possibilities. That has never happened before. Some even ask what career they can pursue that uses molecular biology.”

Over the course of the year, you will receive compensation for full program participation. In addition, your school district will need to set aside funds for supplies, equipment and professional development days as part of the STEMstars program. Finally, we can arrange for CE credit if desired. Given the on-going nature of the collaboration, it will not be possible to participate in the program if you will have a student teacher in your classroom next year.

Participation requires school district approval.

Last updated: 8/18/2014