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Portal Middle High School and STEMstars are what’s cool!

November 15, 2010

Mrs. Newell’s 10th grade physical science class was featured in the “What’s Cool” segment along with MBI-sponsored activities on DNA banding pattern analysis and DNA candy models.

Welcome to Portal School where our school is so cool…Portal Panthers!
You think your school is cool? Wait until you see the new Portal Middle High School. It’s so cool.


“We don’t really get that much at Portal, but it was great to get something new like this,” said Nolan Clark, “and, you know, be able to call it your own.”
“I’m on the yearbook staff, and I had to come to the old gym and take pictures thousands of times, and lighting was never right,” said Jasmyn Mikel, “so, this new gym, just from that perspective, is great for pictures.”


What else is cool about Portal Middle High School? The students get to test DNA through DNA banding patterns.


“You stick the toothpick onto the twizzler and then stick a gummy bear next. The gummy bears are the nitrogen bases. The twizzlers are the sides of the DNA ladder,” said Maurice.


What else is cool here? You get to play with twizzlers and gummy bears to make candy models of DNA.


“I enjoy it,” said Imani Lee. “It teaches me things about physical science. I’ve learned about atoms and particles and different kinds of formulas done you can use in physics. It is very cool. I enjoy it a lot. It’s one of my favorite classes.”


What else is cool here? In the general horticulture class, kids are putting fertilizer and fungicide on the plants, as well as watering them.


“I love how the teachers are all nice,” remarked Kimberly Phillips. “We do very hands-on stuff. I mean we don’t just learn out of a textbook.”


Benjamon Scott said, “It’s really a neat class. With my grandmother, I grew up with plants and stuff so that’s why I like it so much. I’m used to planting plant stuff, watering, gardening and all that.


“You actually get out of the class and do what the teacher is talking about,” added Dylan Stone.

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