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Program Outreach

Portal Middle/HIgh School Students Develop and Nurture Accidental Pond

img_pondThere’s nothing high school students like more than a field trip, and the students of Portal Middle/High School will be making daily field trips to their outdoor classroom to learn about the preservation and care of nature.

Construction and water retention measures at the school have provided teacher Anne Newell’s physical science and biology students with the perfect opportunity to sustain nature, a pond. The pond will contain an ecosystem of plants and animals native to Georgia.

Portal teachers will be able to infuse the establishment, development, and maintenance of the water habitat into their science curriculums. This will occur using a wide range of pedagogical approaches, including; hands-on learning exercises in water quality and analysis, interdisciplinary activities in the sciences, and discussions and readings considering human impacts on water ecosystems, all in conjunction with Georgia Performance Standards.

We have it all . . hovercrafts, solar tubes and non-Newtonian fluids

hover Whether it is walking on water, flying on a hovercraft or using a solar tube to demonstrate the effects of thermal heating and cooling, Effingham County High School science teacher Yvonne Arndorff and MBI Fellow Stephanie Harper have brought it all to their students this semester as part of the MBI Program.


Last updated: 12/22/2020