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Project Eaglet Program

Project Eaglet Program

An Experiential Learning Experience for Bulloch County Schools

Has your child ever seen dinosaur bones? Touched the feathers of a bald eagle? Experienced the vastness of space or the history of jazz and rock ‘n roll? Project Eaglet offers children in Bulloch County Schools the opportunity to interact with Georgia Southern University’s five outreach centers:

About the Project Eaglet Program

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Through the generosity of the Kiwanis Club of Statesboro, elementary school children grades one through five in Bulloch County will experience academic enrichment programs at Georgia Southern University’s outreach centers on the Statesboro Campus — at no cost to them or their school budgets.

Each outreach center has developed a standards-based program for each grade level, and each year the children will visit the center that specializes in their grade level so that after five years, each child will have experienced all outreach subjects and activities, broadening their knowledge and expanding the possibilities of their future education.

The program will also provide them with a positive college campus experience that may entice them to choose a college education in the future.

A Day on the Beautiful Georgia Southern Statesboro Campus

Each day of learning begins with excitement and fun. The day also includes:

  • A provided boxed lunch, with additional activities and entertainment
  • Project Eaglet SWAG to wear proudly through the school year

An Annual Project Eaglet Celebration

At the end of the school year, students and their families will be invited to the Georgia Southern Statesboro Campus for a Project Eaglet Festival on beautiful Sweetheart Circle. The day will include:

  • Food trucks to purchase lunch and snacks
  • Booths, activities and giveaways from various Georgia Southern colleges, departments, programs and student organizations
  • A visit to each of the five Georgia Southern outreach centers to show parents and/or guardians what they’ve been learning

Have Questions? Contact Us

Cheryl Ciucevich,

Project Eaglet Director 

Phone: 912-856-9782


Last updated: 3/22/2023