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Research Opportunities

You won’t have to wait for graduate school to pursue research at Georgia Southern. Not only can you pursue real-world research alongside our world-class professors, but you can also receive funding to pursue your own research projects as well.

Our graduate and undergraduate students have worked alongside professors on cutting-edge cancer therapies using nanofibers.

Our students have joined a two-year study to itemize and study wildlife on campus and they have worked with exotic renewable fuels in diesel engines to make them more environmentally friendly

Our students have presented their findings at academic and professional conventions across the country — even serving as lead author in significant scientific journals.

At Georgia Southern, we encourage our students to chase their passions, follow their curiosity and find creative solutions to problems through scholarly research.

You’ll discover more about your field, more about your world and more about yourself. You’ll also gain the valuable skills necessary to pursue a wide range of meaningful careers.

Where will your curiosity take you?