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The Eagle Experience

How to Build-A-GUS

Walkthrough Video

Assembly Instructions

GUS’s Face

  1. First, we’re going to work on GUS’s head so we’ll want to cut out that portion. 
  2. From there, we’ll want to fold the four squares surrounding his eyes and mouth away from his face. 
  3. Then along the dotted lines of that portion, fold those in, and then you can use glue on the diamonds to secure as a box making his face.
  4. Tip: Sometimes it’s a bit hard to get the glue to secure and close the box, you could use a little tape in the back to help out!
  5. You’re done with GUS’s head so let’s move onto his body!

GUS’s Body

  1. We’ll want to first cut around the entire section of GUS’s body, which can also be indicated by the Georgia Southern logo. 
  2. Once cut out, fold in all four sides corresponding to the middle.
  3. Then we’ll fold in the dotted lines attached to the ‘glue section’ and the dotted line above the Georgia Southern logo.
  4. Then glue the necessary section (indicated by the diamond) and fold down the top of the ‘pyramid’ shape to the ‘glue’ section in order to create GUS’s body.

GUS’s Feet

  1. Carefully cut out the outline of GUS’s orange feet. 
  2. Fold along all of the dotted lines to start creating the 3D nature of his feet. Then fold down the very top to the back side of the claws.
  3. Glue on the diamonds to secure.
  4. The large white square with the diamond is to glue his feet to the bottom of his body.

GUS’s Hands

  1. GUS will have two sections of hands on this sheet of paper so make sure to carefully cut both out. When you cut them out, be careful to not disconnect the conjoined area. This stays connected so you can fold later and make his hands 3D.
  2. Fold one of his hands in half to make 3D.
  3. Fold along the dotted lines.
  4. Glue one diamond and overlap to “close” the hand together. 
  5. Glue at the outside diamond to secure GUS’s body.
  6. Repeat for your second hand.

GUS’s Eyebrows

  1. GUS has two eyebrows on this sheet that’ll be folded onto each other so make sure they’re still connected after cutting the outline of them.
  2. Once cut, please fold them and glue one side right above GUS’s eyes.
    Once that step is completed, then you’ve successfully placed GUS’s eyebrows on his face.

GUS’s Feathers

  1. All you have to do is cut out GUS’s feathers carefully around the outline and glue them onto the back of GUS’s body. His feather should line up to the dividing area between the black and white sections.

You’ve completed your GUS!

Want to build another GUS or do you need a new sheet? Download another Build-A-GUS sheet

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