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Special Awards – Transient Students

The Financial Aid Department will assist degree-seeking Georgia Southern University students in receiving financial aid while participating in study as a transient student. A transient study refers to a degree-seeking Georgia Southern University student attending another United States college or university (referred to as host institution).

To be reviewed for federal financial aid as a transient student you must complete all of the following requirements found in the “Requirements and Procedures” section of this page:

If you claim status as a transient student but decide not to go transient, then you MUST let us know. Failure to do so will result in a delay of any financial aid.

Note: If Georgia Southern is not the institution you will be receiving your degree from (Home institution), then contact your home institution’s financial aid office regarding aid for courses you are taking at Georgia Southern.

Transient Requirements and Procedures

Georgia Southern University students attending another Title IV eligible U.S. Institution as a transient are required to read, understand and complete the following:

  • Federal regulations prohibit students from receiving aid from more than one institution during the same academic term. Therefore, when applying for financial aid as a transient student, all applicants should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid(FAFSA) using Georgia Southern University’s federal code, 001572, (do not use the host institution’s federal code).
  • All students requesting to be transient must complete the Transient Permission Form.  Georgia Southern’s  Registrar’s Office will send a copy of all completed transient permissions forms to the Georgia Southern Financial Aid Office.  If the student is eligible for the HOPE/Zell Miller Scholarship, a HOPE transient form will be submitted to the host institution after the current term GPA has been calculated. NOTE: For federal financial aid you must also complete a Consortium Agreement. If you ONLY want to be reviewed for the HOPE Scholarship, you do not need to complete the Consortium Agreement, you should ONLY complete the Transient Permission Form.
  • Students must sign a Consortium Agreement before any transient financial aid will be reviewed. A Consortium Agreement allows students to take courses at another institution and have those courses count towards their degree at Georgia Southern University.  To download a Consortium Agreement please click here.
  • Federal and state financial aid funds available for eligible transient students: Pell Grant, Stafford and/or PLUS loans, and HOPE/Zell Miller Scholarship.
  • A Consortium Agreement and/or HOPE/Zell Miller Scholarship Eligibility Certificate will be forwarded to the host institution after all necessary documentation has been reviewed.
  • Some institutions may not be willing to complete a Consortium Agreement and Georgia Southern University cannot release any funds. You should check with the host institution prior to attending.

Receiving Financial Aid Funds

  • You must pay your fees at the host institution by their fee payment deadline. 
  • Georgia Southern University WILL NOT release your financial aid funds at the beginning of the term to your host Institution.  You will have to submit enrollment verification of your courses at the host institution before aid will be disbursed.  
  • Georgia Southern University will not release funds for a FUTURE semester until the academic transcript has been received by our Registrar’s Office. 
  • Refund checks are mailed to the student’s home address (on file in our Registrar’s Office) or via Direct Deposit when all necessary documents have been received.
Student Checklist

    It is important for you to understand and complete all items on the following checklist:
  • Begin to secure all required documentation prior to your transient study.
  • Check the address you have on file in the Registrar’s Office.
  • Check with your Georgia Southern University Financial Aid Counselor to make sure you are making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).
  • Students not making SAP are not eligible for a Consortium Agreement.
  • Georgia Southern University will not release funds until your enrollment has been verified and a Consortium Agreement has been reviewed.
  • Follow up with the host institution to ensure they received, completed and returned the Consortium Agreement to the Financial Aid Office at Georgia Southern University.
  • A copy of your academic transcript with official grades from the host institution must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office at Georgia Southern University.
  • Future semester financial aid will be delayed at Georgia Southern University until the academic transcript from the host institution has been received.

Last updated: 6/16/2022