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Professional Standards

Employees in Enrollment Management are expected to uphold the standards of professionalism noted below.

As a Team Member of Enrollment Management, I will…
Professional StandardExamples of Practice
Respect: Treat others how I would like to be treated. Respect people with various social, cultural, socioeconomic, and educational backgrounds. – Have a friendly greeting on the phone and in person
– Be an active listener without interruptions
– Practice confidentiality
– Invest my time to seek perspectives other than my own
– Be considerate in my speech and actions
– Put myself in others’ shoes
– Give the opportunity to ask questions
– Give clear instructions
Steward: Actively seek opportunities to impact my physical environment and conserve resources. Look for efficient ways to use resources and technology. – Carpool or use the Gus Bus for campus travel
– Go paperless when possible
– Use technology resources for meetings
– Wear a Georgia Southern nametag at all times
– Assist in keeping the campus environment clean and safe
– Be fiscally responsible by being mindful of resource usage
Innovate: Seek new ways to solve problems and increase services through technology and learning from others. – Observe and ask other institutions how they are solving problems
– Seek ways I can revamp and continuously improve current practices
– Look for opportunities to streamline processes
– Research efficiencies and look for a better practice
– Ask “What are the things we should stop doing? Start doing? Keep doing?”
Appreciate: Show active appreciation to others across campus. Integrate recognition as part of my regular professional routine. – Show gratitude and thanks when someone assists
– Nominate others for University Service Awards and use the EM ShoutOut! form
– Email the supervisor of someone doing a great job
– Do random acts of kindness to motivate and encourage others
– Ask coworkers how they are doing
– Praise students who are working diligently
Learn: Gain a general knowledge of the entire enrollment process including an understanding of all departments in the Division and other University programs and services. – Cross-train within my department and across the division
– Research and learn before criticizing or assuming
– Ask follow-up questions for clarification
– Review the Catalog
– Ask others to explain their roles
– Read GS and department webpages
– Familiarize myself with Board of Regents policies
Educate: Seek opportunities to develop others’ understanding of the enrollment process, so I can contribute to their success. – Give interdepartmental presentations
– Ensure online information is up-to-date
– Teach others how to answer common questions
– Learn other departments’ cycles
– Share policy or procedure changes with other departments
Grow: Take responsibility for my own professional development, so I can participate in continuous improvement of myself and my department. – Learn something new each day
– Take advantage of Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)
– Make time for cross-training
– Complete Building-a-Better-U modules
– Attend conferences and community events
– Tell others about professional development opportunities
– Seek ways to challenge myself
Communicate: Actively communicate with others, so they are better informed and can better serve their constituents. – Explain the “why” behind my answer, especially when the answer is “no”
– Tailor my approach to the individual
– Own problems and commit to do what it takes to resolve them
– Answer questions others may not know to ask
– Read between the lines and offer further explanation
– Respond professionally and in a timely manner
– Clearly display contact information on correspondences
Collaborate: Purposefully engage in collaboration within the division and across the university. – Understand how other departments’ efforts interact with mine
– Participate in divisional workshops and committees
– Notify someone or correct it myself when I see or hear incorrect information being shared
– Work with colleagues to ensure office coverage at all times
Serve: Have a mindset dedicated to service excellence and going the extra mile to solve problems and help others. – Volunteer for campus events
– Serve on departmental or institutional committees
– Be “True Blue”
– Guide or walk students/visitors to their destination
– Be proactive in helping students
– Call campus partners to find answers for students

Last updated: 4/21/2023