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T3 Guide: Tips, Tricks & Techniques

General Banner Information

Banner User Guide

  1. Double click the BANNER icon on your desktop to log into PROD – production, live database.
  2. When the logon window appears, type your username, tab, enter password, press enter or click on connect.

If you are wanting to login to UPGR for learning or practice purposes, you will need to go to Start, Banner.CC.VPA.GASOU, then choose UPGR. This is the test database and will not affect the PROD version.

  1. You can navigate thru the menu shown by double-clicking on the menu and form names.
  2. You may also enter into the search field the 7 character form name. Some commonly used forms:
  • Course Schedule: SSASECT, ZSASECT, SSASECQ
  • Class Roster: SFASLST, SFAALST
  • General Student Information: SGASTDN
  • Addresses: SOADDRQ
  • Telephone Numbers: SPATELE
  • Student Schedule: SFAREGQ
  • Student Registration Audit Trail: SFASTCA
  • Admissions Information: SAAADMS
  • Hold Information: SOAHOLD
  • Update Advisor: SGAADVR

Please click HERE for information on how to change your password:

  • Watch MESSAGES at the BOTTOM of the FORM
  • Maximize your window
  • The form name and database instance are displayed in the title bar
  • Field names that are blue indicate there should be list of values for the field, press F9 or double click in field
  • The flashlight button indicates you can perform a search on that field, click on flashlight button
  • Always remember to save if you make any changes in a form
  • Watch for scroll bars, this will provide more information: click on the scroll bar or use your arrow keys to see
  • Terms are signified by 6 numbers, the first four are the year and the last two are the month the term begins (for example: Spring 2012 = 201201)
  • To exit out of a QuickFlow while in the middle of one – click on File then Exit QuickFlow

Banner Account Request

Before a Banner Account can be created, a requestor must first read the policy relating to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).  To review the FERPA policy, please click here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After you click on the REQUEST FORM below and it opens, ensure that the information for your Name, Email, Department, Position, and Supervisor is complete and accurate. If any of this information is missing, DO NOT PROCEED with submitting the form. Missing information indicates that the system has not been updated. Please check back frequently to determine if all of your information is populated into the form. Once all of your information appears, you are ready to proceed with completing your request.

I have read the above and am ready to proceed to the REQUEST FORM.

Data Entry Standards

It is vital that all data entry be consistent to avoid duplication of records and to simplify searches. Entered data must also look professional and attractive when inserted into word processed documents. The following standards are intended for guidelines for data entry.

Please enter all information in upper and lower case.

The Eagle ID should be used as the ID number for all persons, if available. This is especially critical for persons who are general students and faculty/employees.

If a system generated number is used as ID for a person, the appropriate query must be executed prior to creating the person.

Banner provides an ID/Name Search form which can be accessed by entering the list command in the first Key ID block. Make sure to check all possible spellings and ID’s. Also use soundex search.

When searching for a name with a prefix or suffix (Mr., Mrs., Jr., III), the prefix or suffix will not be retrieved.

Full legal name should be entered on SPAIDEN, with middle name spelled out. If legal name is unknown, enter as complete a name as possible and update name when information is available.

First and Middle Names

Whenever possible spell out the full name. If you must use an initial, follow it with a period. Banner allows 15 characters for first and middle names. If a first or middle name is too long to fit, enter the middle initial, then enter the entire name in the Comment Form (SPACMNT).

For Comment Type, enter:

  • FRS for first name
  • MID for middle name
  • For Originator enter NAME

Last Names

Always spell out last names. Banner allows 60 characters for last names but only displays 20. If the last name is longer than 20 characters, enter as much as possible, then enter the entire name in the Comment Form (SPACMNT).

For Comment Type, enter:

  • LST
  • For Originator enter NAME
  • For persons with more than three names, enter all names in Legal Name field on SPAPERS.

Prefixed, Suffix, or Double Names

Names beginning with prefixes (Mac, Van, Di, etc.) require some attention. The following section defines standards to use when entering such names.

  • Mac, Mc
    • Spell the name as the person does
    • If that spelling is unclear (as with poor handwriting), capitalize the second part of the name. (MacDonald rather than Macdonald)
    • Do not type a space between the two parts of the name (McDonald rather than Mc Donald)
  • Van, Von, Da, De, Di
    • Spell the name as the person does
    • If that spelling is unclear (as with poor handwriting), capitalize both parts and type a space between them. (Van Konsky rather than vanKonsky; De Martino rather than Demartino.)
    • Be consistent. Once you have decided on a spelling for a person’s name, spell it that way everywhere
  • O’
    • Always capitalize both parts of the name.
    • Do not type a space between the parts. (O’Leary rather than O’ leary.)
    • Enter hyphenated last names with no spaces between the hyphens. For example: Smith-Jones Cochran-Ansley
  • Names using a first initial and middle name should be entered as follows – Example: R. Maureen Smith – R. (first name), Maureen (middle name), Smith (last name)

Use periods after prefixes and suffixes where applicable. For example:

  • Miss
  • Rev.
  • Mrs.
  • Jr.
  • Mr.
  • II


On SPAIDEN, enter last, first, and middle without truncating or to the first space, whichever is appropriate. Print parameters will enable user to select first name and middle initial only if desired.

Example: Ann Marie Smith Jones would be (last) Jones, (first) Anne, (middle) Marie Smith. Use one space between multiple middle names.

Name Changes in Banner

  1. Name change is requested by student and/or alumni.
  2. Is the person enrolled in the current or next two (2) terms?
    • No- Make the name change in SPAIDEN or APAIDEN
    • Report name change to
    • YES – Go to #3.

Has the student provided legal documentation?

  • NO – Let the student know the change cannot be made until legal documentation is provided.
  • YES – Make the name change in the “Current Identification” block in SPAIDEN and notify the department which may have forwarded a request for a name change.
  • If possible, do not use the 2nd Street or 3rd Street Address Line.
  • Only use the second or third line if the address will not fit on the first line.
  • Avoid using the “#” sign and “No.” when possible. For example, you can enter an apartment number as “Apt.” followed by the number. There is no reason to use “Apt. #” or “Apt. No.”. If you have a situation that seems to require using “#” or “No.”, use the # sign.
  • Be sure to mark the current address and telephone as inactive before entering in the new address & telephone number.

Banner stores addresses and phone numbers according to type.

  • Street, Road, etc.
    • Enter full name of Street, Road, etc. If this makes the entry too long to fit on one line, abbreviate.
  • Compass Directions
    • Abbreviate compass directions and do not place a period after the letter.
      • 50 S Bond Street
      • 10 Park Avenue S
  • Abbreviate compound directions (NE, SW, ) as two letters with no periods, without a space
    • 17 NE Bail Road
  • When a compass direction follows the street name, abbreviate two-syllable directions and use a comma after the street name.
    • 40 State Street, NW
  • Box Numbers
    • Treat post office boxes as follows:
      • List PO boxes without periods.
        • PO Box 535
      • If an address includes both a PO Box and a street address, put the PO Box on the same line as the street address.
    • 23 Damon Runyon Road PO Box 535
  • Rural Route (RR)
    • Enter a Rural Route (RR) and a box number on the same line.
      • RR 2, Box 77
  • In Care Of
    • Abbreviate In Care of as c/o. Place it on the first address line.
      • c/o Elvis Presley 123 Graceland Boulevard
  • Standard address abbreviations as provided by the United States Postal Service should be used in addresses.
    • City, State ZIP
  • Return through the city and state fields and enter the zip code. If the zip code is in the validation table, the city and state fields will automatically be populated. (Check to make sure the city, state agrees with the one entered. An incorrect zip code could have been provided; therefore, an incorrect city/state will appear.) When a full ten-digit zip code is entered, include the hyphen.
    • 12345-6789
  • If the zip code is not found in the validation table, the city and state must be entered. Send an email to the Registrar’s Office ( including the city, state, zip and county of the missing zip code. Once this information is entered in Banner, the person will be informed via email of the update.
  • Do not enter US in the nation code when entering addresses in SPAIDEN!
  • Do not enter XX for the state when entering an address of a foreign country.
  • County Field
    • Press list for valid county codes and enter the correct code. (OIIT has populated the County Code Validation Form (STVCNTY).
    • If no county code exists, send an email to the Registrar’s Office ( including the city, state, zip of the missing county code. Once this information is entered in Banner, the person will be informed via email of the update.
  • International addresses
    • The country should be entered in the nation field in SPAIDEN.
    • Some countries refer to their divisions as providence or territory instead of state.
    • Most countries refer to the “zip” code as a “postal” code.
    • Some countries do not have postal codes.

For deceased individuals, documentation will be sent to the Registrar’s Office at PO Box 8092 or emailed to The account will be updated accordingly. When inactivating the deceased person’s address, make sure all associated telephone numbers are inactivated.

There should only be one email address for a given email type.

Enter the full phone number, including the area code and an extension when it is available. Do not use parentheses or hyphens to separate the numbers. Banner separates the area code and extension with spaces automatically. For example: Enter as 912 4785555 1234 rather than 912-478-5555 x1234

Enter all dates as Month, Day Year. The system will format to Day, Month, Year. For example: Enter January 5, 2012 as 1/5/12. If you enter only part of the date, the rest of the current month/day/year defaults.

Note: A dash (-) may be used instead of a slash. (/).

Entering dates for reports/processes run through Job Submission should be entered in a DD-Mon-YYYY format; for example, January 5, 2012 must be entered as 05-Jan-2012.

When a duplicate account is discovered, any department with data for that account as indicated on form GUASYST must be contacted and agreement reached on which account will be retained. All departments involved with a duplicate record must check the form GUASYST on the duplicate account to insure that all data for all departments is moved to the correct account before the record is coded as DUPLICATE and inactivated. Once all information has been moved to the correct record, the name and id that are chosen to be marked as a duplicate must be coded as the following in SPAIDEN:

Dolphus Lamar Deloach

Last name: DUPLICATE (Deloach)

Middle name: Lamar

First Name: PIDM (Dolphus)

Prefix: No data entered for Prefix

Once submitted properly, the duplicate record will read: PIDM (Dolphus) Lamar DUPLICATE (Deloach). The duplicate record will need to be marked as deceased. The date that the record coded as a duplicate must be the date used as the “deceased” date. All addresses and telephone numbers for this duplicate record should be made inactive. The social security number needs to be removed from the record that is being marked as duplicate.



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