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Essential Services Information for All Students

Register Now for Summer
Georgia Southern is committed to your success as resources and services transition over the coming months. The resources listed below offer important information to guide you through the upcoming semesters.


All Armstrong and Liberty campus students will receive an Eagle ID number. Beginning March 7, 2018, Armstrong and Liberty campus students can Look Up their Eagle ID numbers.

  • Pre-registration begins on October 29th
  • Classes begin May 20th
  • Other Important Dates
  • Current Armstrong and Liberty campus students will register for Summer classes via SHIP. SHIP can be accessed via the Port of Armstrong portal. You will continue to log into Port using your Port credentials. Detailed instructions can be found on the Armstrong registration guide page.
  • Current Statesboro campus students will register for Summer classes via WINGS using your MyGeorgiaSouthern credentials. Detailed instructions can be found on the Georgia Southern registration guide page.
  • Pre-registration begins on April 8th
  • Classes begin August 19th
  • Other Important Dates
  • Beginning April 2nd, students on all three campuses will register for Fall 2018 classes via WINGS. WINGS can be accessed via the MyGeorgiaSouthern portal. Learn more about how to access these services by watching the tutorial videos on the Registrar’s registration guide page.
  • Students on all three campuses can register for face-to-face or online classes. To search for face-to-face classes, use the drop-down menu in WINGS or the course search tool to select your primary campus. To search for online courses, use this same drop-down menu to select “online course” as the campus. Students should not have problems adding both traditional and online courses to their Fall 2018 schedule. 
  • For step-by-step instructions on how to access and accept or drop a waitlisted course, please check out our Waitlist Guide.

Academic Information

  • Students on each campus can complete their current majors on their current campuses. Students will NOT have to change campuses in order to complete their majors.
  • Students will NOT be required to update to a new catalog/program/major or the new CORE curriculum.
  • Students will not be required to travel between campuses for classes.
  • Beginning on July 25th, 2018, all students will be able to register for any course on any campus provided that seats are available and that the student meets the requirements for enrollment into that course. This will be effective until the last day of drop/add for the semester.
  • Students will be allowed to register for classes on other campuses. This process is currently being developed and will be communicated to the University community by April 15, 2018.
  • Armstrong and Liberty campus students wishing to view their DegreeWorks audit during the Spring 2018 or Summer 2018 should continue to look in SHIP for their audit.

Students will meet with their current academic advisor for Summer 2018 and Fall 2018 advisement.

CORE Curriculum Course Requirements 2018 – 2019 Read More >

  • Students wishing to change their major will follow the current change of major process utilizing the Change Major/Minor link under Advisement Resources in your MyGeorgiaSouthern portal.


MyTech Support provides technology support via phone, email, chat, ticketing system or in-person for the Armstrong, Liberty and Statesboro campuses. Have technology questions or need support? Contact us.

For information regarding migration of technology services, please check out our Migration Guide. This guide provides information about accessing your new email address, how to add your new email to your mobile device, an overview of the migration process, and much more.

View a timeline that depicts when electronic and technology resources will become available to you on our Electronic Student Services Map.

Our Electronic Services Legend is a one-for-one guide to comparable technology services that you’ll use for things like registration, email and other functions.


Commuter lot P1, P2, P3 and P4 of the Armstrong Campus are available for students of the Statesboro Campus to park in at no additional cost with a visible permit for the Spring 2018 semester.Read more >

Commuter lot 11-13, 21, 30-33, 42, the RAC and Paulson Stadium Lot of the Statesboro Campus are available for students of the Armstrong Campus to park in at no additional cost for the Spring 2018 semester. Read more >

The parking lot located at the rear of the Liberty Campus is open to students, staff and faculty.  The faculty and staff spaces are marked as such and the remaining spaces are available to students. There is additional parking on the street adjacent to the campus. Read more >


Learn about important housing dates. Read more >

University Housing is accepting applications for students wishing to live on campus at the Georgia Southern University Armstrong Campus.  Learn more about the application process and living on campus at the Armstrong campus. Read more >

After you have been accepted to Georgia Southern University Statesboro Campus, you can apply for On-Campus Housing. Learn more about the application process and living on campus at the Statesboro campus. Read more >

Card Services

  • March 12 – 16: Transaction System Downtime, Armstrong Campus
  • March 19: Armstrong & Liberty campus students may obtain an Eagle ID card
  • June 30 – Pirate Cards no longer active Read More >

Armstrong and Liberty campus students will be able to get their Eagle ID cards beginning March 19, 2018. Pirate cards will continue to work through June 30, 2018. Read More >

On the Armstrong campus, the Eagle Card Center is located in the Student Union, Room D245 (2nd floor). This location will change prior to Fall 2018 semester, so please check the Eagle Card Services page for updated information.

Recreation and Wellness

All Georgia Southern University students who have paid their mandatory recreation fee or who have purchased a recreation pass on their respective campus will have access to all recreation facilities. For more information about memberships and access, visit our facility memberships page.

Any student who has paid their mandatory recreation fee or who has purchased a recreation facility pass will have access to recreation programs. View all of CRI’s offerings on the Campus Recreation and Intramurals page.

Learn more about health services on the Armstrong and Statesboro campuses. Read more >