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Ethical people ethical purpose ethical action

November 8-12, 2021

The University System of Georgia (USG) and Georgia Southern University are committed to an ethical culture. Ethics Awareness reminds employees of our commitment to an ethical culture and our shared ethical values and expectations. It also serves as a reminder of how we incorporate ethical decision-making in all we do and how we are good stewards of the resources entrusted to us. Ethics Awareness brings awareness to ethics, reinforces the principles of recognizing the hard work of employees, and promotes our shared values.

View the USG Ethics Policy

For more information, please contact the Office of Internal Audit, Risk & Compliance.

Report Fraud, Waste or Abuse
by calling:


or Report Online

Report hazing by calling the Hazing Hotline – 1-888-893-6554 or Learn More About Hazing

Report a Title IX or Equal Employment Incident


Friday, November 12, 10 – 11 a.m.

Ethics and Compliance Best Practice Panel

All Week! Trivia Questions – Win prizes all week!

Each day, you will be entered in a drawing for a daily prize if you correctly answer the trivia questions or successfully complete the scavenger hunt.  

Participation in any Ethics Awareness Week event (trivia questions, scavenger hunt, round table discussions) will enter your name into a drawing for a Grand Prize at the end of the week. One Grand Prize will be awarded in each category – Staff, Students and Faculty. 

Monday, Nov. 9
Ethics Round Table Discussion – 10 a.m.

Wednesday, Nov. 11
Scavenger Hunt

Thursday, Nov. 12
Red Flag Photo

Friday, Nov. 13
Chancellor Steve Wrigley Round Table – 10 a.m. – 11 a.m.

There will be no trivia question on Friday, round table attendance will enter your name into the prize drawing.

Trivia Questions

Friday’s Word Scramble Answers

  1. tisehc = Ethics
  2. cmlacenipo = Compliance
  3. auselv = Values
  4. itgiytren = Integrity
  5. frdau = Fraud
  6. coflctni = Conflict
  7. poiclies = Policies
  8. poplee = People
  9. popurse = Purpose
  10. atcion = Action
  11. htienol = Hotline
  12. rspecte = Respect
  13. paretranncys = Transparency
  14. chaterarc = Character
  15. clodissure = Disclosure

Thursday’s Trivia Question Answers

  1. All employees will complete driver training during onboarding.
    • True
  2. Employees who drive University vehicles as part of their job will have to complete driver training every six months. 
    • False
  3. Any employee who only drives a golf cart (or other Low Speed Vehicle) does not have to complete annual driver training.
    • False

Wednesday’s Virtual Scavenger Hunt Answers

The virtual scavenger hunt exercise will direct you to some of our online University resources for ethics and compliance reporting, administrative scorecards and more.

  1. To submit a report to the Ethics and Compliance Reporting Hotline, you can use a website or call what phone number?
    • 1-877-516-3445
  2. State employees must make an annual report if they do business with the State of Georgia or any agency of the State of Georgia. Reports are not necessary if Individual transactions are under $250 and the aggregate of all transaction does not exceed what amount?
    • $9,000
  3. You must disclose if you serve as an expert witness or provide consulting services in a legal matter.
    • True
  4. Which division had the highest overall score on their Leadership Scorecard for FY 2021?
    • President’s Division
  5. Georgia Southern University offers how many undergraduate majors?
    • 141 (we would also accept 157)
  6. Which policy or regulation states that certain detailed student information, such as name, enrollment status, enrolled hours, and local telephone number, (also called Directory Information) is public information and may be released to anyone requesting the information (unless the student has specifically requested the information be restricted)?
    • FERPA

Tuesday’s Trivia Question Answers

  1. True
  2. False
  3. True

Monday’s Trivia Question Answers

  1. The theme for Ethics Awareness Week 2021 is:
    • Ethical People. Ethical Purpose. Ethical Action.
  2. The phrase “Do Right” was originally coined by Georgia Southern President Brooks Keel.
    • False
  3. Georgia Southern is one of only 10 USG institutions that celebrates Ethics Awareness Week.
    • False

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