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Our Students

Keeping our students at the center of everything we do is important to us in the Division of Business & Finance. One way we do this is through the use of Student Personas, which are fictional student profiles that represent the very real students that we serve. Student Personas allow us to look at a realistic representation of our students and help us have a better understanding of what their needs are in their day-to-day lives.

Through careful consideration of Student Personas, we can tell users’ stories and keep them at the center of all of the decisions that we make. Below you will find some of the Student Personas that we use in B&F to ensure that we are making decisions that serve all of our students. Personas are added on a continual basis, so check back often to see the new profiles as they are added.


Marisol Perez is a sophomore Graphic Design major who attends Georgia Southern’s Statesboro campus.

Needs & Goals

  • International student from Venezuela who speaks English, Spanish, and French.
  • Lives in campus housing, utilizes a dining plan and public transportation.
  • Interested in pursuing her MFA here at GS.

Motivations & Activities

  • Enjoys regular exercise, attending sporting events, and video chatting with her family.
  • Loves art and theater, enjoys attending gallery shows and performances.

Pain Points

  • Lack of transportation can impact her ability to attend off-campus events.


Darius Jones is a senior Chemistry major who attends Georgia Southern’s Statesboro campus.

Needs & Goals

  • Non-traditional student who lives off-campus.
  • Works a part-time job in a addition to pursuing his degree.
  • Interested in pursuing his Masters in Pharmaceutical Chemistry after graduation.

Motivations & Activities

  • Enjoys watching athletic events and taking part in intramural sports.
  • Would ultimately like to become a pharmacist and perhaps own his own business.

Pain Points

  • Living off-campus presents logistical challenges due to the times and locations classes are offered.

Last updated: 1/5/2022