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Lockbox Banking

The Division of Finance at Georgia Southern is transitioning to a new way of accepting checks and mailed payments. The division will now use lockbox banking in which customers will mail payments directly to a location that is accessible by the University’s banking institution.

Beginning April 1, 2023, all payments will need to be addressed as follows:

USPS Mail:

Georgia Southern University

P.O. BOX 106099

ATLANTA, GA 30348-6099

Overnight Address:


Attn:  Georgia Southern University

Box:  106099

2068 Weems Road

Tucker, GA 30084

Lockbox FAQs

What is the impact to students?

Any paper check payments made payable to Georgia Southern University will need to be mailed to the address above with a copy of the invoice or supporting documentation. Electronic check (eCheck) payments are preferred. eCheck is a FREE service.

Students eCheck payments can be made by signing into, choosing Financial Resources, “View/Pay Your Tuition Bill.” Authorized users can log into Bill + Pay directly at Visit our tutorials for assistance.

What is the impact to campus offices and departments?

ANY paper check payments departments/offices expect to receive and are made payable to Georgia Southern University will need to be mailed to the address above with a copy of the invoice or supporting documentation. Questions about this process can be directed by email to

Will I still complete a deposit transmittal form?

Yes, the new process will not automate your deposit transmittal form. It will only automate the check being deposited into our bank account. 

What steps are involved in the new process?

  • Vendor mails check and any corresponding documentation to Lockbox address.
  • Once received, our bank will capture images of both the check and any documentation and will deposit it into our bank account.
    • The bank will process all mail received the same day, with their business day cut-off being 2pm.
  • The Cashier’s Office will be notified that funds have been received and will work the batch the following morning.
  • The Cashier’s Office will send the information to the appropriate depts for processing on their end.
  • The department will submit a deposit transmittal form with backup documentation to the Cashier’s Office for processing.

Save a trip to the Cashier’s Office! Since you don’t have the physical check in your possession, this opens up the ability for you to submit your deposit transmittal to us electronically!

What if the vendor doesn’t send supporting documentation?

To aid the Cashier’s Office in locating the owners of Lockbox payments (for those that don’t come in with supporting documentation), we encourage you to share any vendor info that is relevant to your department! For more info about how to share vendor info with our office, please email us at

Checks made payable to Georgia Southern University Foundation, Georgia Southern Research and Service Foundation, Georgia Southern University Athletic Foundation, etc.

Only checks made payable to and intended for Georgia Southern University should be mailed to the lockbox. All foundation related payments will need to mailed to those entities.

For a comprehensive costs and affordability analysis, please visit COSTS & AFFORDABILITY

Last updated: 4/6/2023