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Fee Payment Deadlines

Summer Semester 2024

Fee Payment Deadline – May 13*

Fall Semester 2024

Fee Payment Deadline – August 14*

Spring Semester 2025

Fee Payment Deadline – January 13*

Summer Semester 2025

Fee Payment Deadline – May 19*

* Any registration changes or changes in housing and meals made during the drop/add period are due immediately. Failure to pay all invoice charges by the due dates can result in cancellation of all classes. For actual drop/add registration dates, please see the Academic Calendar.

Financial Holds

Georgia Southern University’s Bursar’s Office places a “hold” on registration and transcripts for students with outstanding financial obligations with the university. Payments must be made on a timely basis for all services or transactions. A Financial Hold will block a student’s ability to register or receive transcripts until payment in full is received.

All account balances not paid in full when due are the sole responsibility of the student. You are also responsible for all costs incurred by the university to collect such debt. This may include, but is not limited to, late fees, collections costs, litigation/attorney’s fees, and court costs.

For a comprehensive costs and affordability analysis, please visit COSTS & AFFORDABILITY

Last updated: 5/16/2024