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Refund Options

Direct Deposit (View Tutorial)

Your funds are electronically deposited in to the personal checking account of your choosing. Please refer to Direct Deposit of Refunds to learn more about Direct Deposit.

Change to mailing refund checks effective Summer semester. We will no longer mail to the on campus PO Box.


If you do not choose direct deposit, your student account refund check will be mailed* to:

  1. Your local address
  2. Your permanent home address
  • Keep your mailing addresses updated in WINGS
    • If the address on the student’s check is incorrect, the student can update their address through WINGS.
    • To update your address, log into myGS. Choose WINGS and click on Personal Settings. Then click on Personal Information, this will allow you to view and update your student profile. Once you are in the My Profile section, scroll down to the address section. Verify your address. If the address is incorrect, click the Edit icon. Update the address line, and then click “Update” to submit the changes. 
  • If you do not receive your check within 21 days, please contact Bursar’s Office at to inquire about a replacement
  • Report lost or stolen checks immediately to Student Accounts at
  • If you lose your check after signing it, Georgia Southern University is not responsible
  • Deposit/Cash your check as soon as possible. Stale dated checks (older than 90 days) may not be eligible for replacement (should you receive a stale dated check, please contact the Bursar’s Office)
    • If a student’s direct deposit was sent to an incorrect account, the money may be returned to GS from the bank. The student should update their eRefund account as soon as possible and GS will reattempt the deposit on our next refund cycle. If the funds are not returned from the bank to GS, the student will need to speak with the bank where the funds were sent.  

Please visit for the latest USPS Service Alert.

*Additional Refund Information:

Georgia Southern has a variety of automated processes that occur to create student account refunds. Below are some important points:

– Refunds generated from payments made by check are subject to a 14 day holding period to ensure the check has cleared.

– Refunds generated from credit card payments (as determined above) will be refunded to the credit card. If the credit card that was used to make a payment is no longer valid and the student received a credit card refund, the student must reach out to the credit card company to inquire on how to receive it. 

– Parent PLUS Loans: If the parent did not indicate ‘plus to student’ on the loan application, the refund will be issued to the parent in the form of a check and mailed to the address on the plus loan application.

– Overpayments from Flywire wire transfers will be held for future semesters unless a refund is requested by the student. The Refund will be sent to the Flywire originating source. For students wanting to request a Flywire refund, they must send an email to with their request.

– Uncashed checks will be returned to the financial provider.

“Keep your finances safe by keeping it private. Please be discreet when discussing your refund with others.”

Where's my refund for updated bursars information.

For a comprehensive costs and affordability analysis, please visit COSTS & AFFORDABILITY

Last updated: 5/13/2022