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List of Services

Types of Services that are “Physical Performance of Services” Affidavit Required
Advertisement no
Alterations and Embroidery yes
Armored Car Services yes
Athletic Officials yes
Athletic Game Day staff (ticket takers, parking lot attendants, etc.) yes
Audio Visual Installations (service portion only) yes
Architectural and Engineering yes
Background and Credit Checks yes
Call Center Services yes
Camp Staff yes
Catering Events (outside vendors, not University Catering) yes
Chartering Services yes
Chemical Laboratory Services yes
Collection Services yes
Composition of an original work of art yes
Construction yes
Consulting Agreements yes
Copier Leases (no maintenance or maintenance less than $ 2,500) no
Copier Maintenance (for GS owned and leased copiers) yes
Elevator Maintenance yes
Employment Agency and Search Firm Services yes
Entertainers yes
Equipment Maintenance yes
Event Planning Services yes
Field Research Services yes
Fire Alarm System/Hood System Maintenance and Testing yes
Firework Display Services yes
Freight Charges associated with purchase of goods no
Furniture Installation (if price of furniture includes delivery and installation) no
Hazardous Material Services – includes bio-medical waste removal yes
Honoraria (under $2500) no
Hospitality Services yes
Hotel and Conference Rentals without catering/AV services or with
catering/AV Services that are less than $2500
Hotel and Conference Rentals which include catering and AV services
(recommend getting a quote which shows separate costs for room rental and
catering/AV services)
Intergovernmental Agreements (if for services less than $2500) yes
Interior Design yes
Interpreters yes
Janitorial Services yes
Lawn Care/Landscaping/Grounds Maintenance Services (includes
overseeding and pond maintenance)
Laundry and Linen Cleaning Services (see also Uniform Rental) yes
Memberships no
Mailing Services (includes mail presort services) yes
Management Services (examples: Bookstore management, project<br/ >
management, etc.)
Moving Services yes
Parking Services/Maintenance – including striping and pressure washing yes
Per Diems ($2,500 or above, submit contract to Legal ) yes
Pest Control (including termite inspection) yes
Photography yes
Piano and Instrument Tuning Services yes
Pine Straw (only the cost to spread, not the cost of the pine straw) yes
Printing Services (if design services are included then an affidavit must
be obtained if the design services are $2,500 or greater)
Repairs to Equipment which involve billable labor (if parts are involved
– recommend getting a quote which shows separate costs of labor and parts)
Registrations (conference etc.) no
Rent Payments no
Sanitizing and Disinfecting Services yes
Security Services yes
Software Maintenance and Installation no
Speakers (recommend consult with Legal Affairs in advance) yes
Stipends ($2,500 or greater) yes
Teaching and Instructional Services (includes Workshop Instructors) yes
Testing and Calibration Services yes
Training yes
Tour Guide Services yes
Uniform Rental (if it includes laundering/pressing) yes
Utilities yes
Waste Removal yes

Last updated: 1/12/2021