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Short-Term Automobile Rental

Below are some important rules and regulations in reference to vehicle rentals and accident
reporting.  Please take a few minutes to ensure you are following proper procedure.
Georgia Southern faculty and staff traveling on institution business should first become familiar with the
Statewide Travel Regulations which are located at: For
additional guidance, review the Travel Policy Supplement located in the Digital Commons centralized
electronic repository.


There are two statewide contracts with specified car rental vendors.

  • Hertz is a statewide contract vendor for any in-state rentals. Hertz is also the statewide contract vendor for all airport locations, both in and out of the country. To reserve a vehicle, go to Scroll to the bottom, under Travel Agents select Applicant Program. Enter Georgia Southern’s Applicant Program Number or call 1-800-654-3131. When renting for personal use, USG employees can utilize the Georgia Corporate Discount Program (CDP) number which is “18108”.
  • Enterprise is the mandatory state contract vendor for all in-state non-airport locations (this means if you are picking up in state at a non-airport location). To reserve vehicles with Enterprise, log onto your page. The link is located under the “Other Links” section, or click here. To complete this online reservation, you will need the reservation details (please consider Enterprise’s business hours for pickup/return times), speed type number, and budget manager’s name.  This car rental expense will be billed directly to the University. To reserve a van for excess of 12 passengers, cargo van, or box truck, please contact the local Enterprise office.


Collision coverage insurance is included in the statewide contract at no additional cost to the University. 
All short term vehicle rentals must be rented under the statewide contract for the collision coverage to be in effect.

You must carry a Georgia Liability Insurance Identification Card while conducting official University business in a rental vehicle. This card can be found on our Automobile Insurance and Liability page and is available for printing.

The statewide contract insurance coverage excludes any travel outside the continental U.S., with the exception of Canada; therefore, the traveler must accept the collision coverage offered.

The State Liability policy is only in effect while the traveler is using the rented vehicle for official University business. For this reason, personal use of the vehicle, including allowing friends or family members to ride in a University rented vehicle, is prohibited.

The following vehicles are NOT under the statewide contract: cargo vans, box trucks, and vehicles in excess of 12 passengers; therefore, collision damage coverage must be accepted and purchased when renting these types of vehicles.


  • Notify the proper police authority from the scene of the accident and seek any medical attention that is necessary. 
  • Make sure to get the report number and other pertinent information including information for any 3rd parties involved.
  • Contact the rental agency to report the incident as soon as possible. 
  • All accidents must be reported to your supervisor as soon as possible.

Last updated: 2/5/2024