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Building & Contents

The State Owned Building and Personal Property Insurance Policy provides coverage for direct physical loss or damage to state owned property. Personal Property in this instance refers to “state owned” personal property and includes furniture and fixtures as well as machinery and equipment.  Covered causes of loss include fire, lightning, explosion, windstorm, hail, smoke, vandalism, sprinkler leakage, flood, and water damage. Buildings that are not state-owned and under a lease agreement can not be insured, but the contents housed in the leased building can be insured.

Covered losses are subject to a $1,500 deductible per occurrence. Reimbursement for a loss is based on the cost to repair or replace with property of like kind and quality. Burglary claims must be supported by forcible entry and a police report. Loss to covered property caused by or resulting from employees or University owned vehicles operated in the course of University operations is subject to a $25,000 deductible.

All property losses or damage to University owned property or contents must be reported to the University Police immediately. If your department is not located on the Statesboro campus, please contact your local police department.

In order to begin the claims process, report losses or damages to the Controller’s Office within 48 hours of the incident.

NOTE:  Personal property items of faculty and staff are not considered covered property.   Personal property includes such things as automobiles, money, furniture, clothing, jewelry, books, etc.  Personal property items would also include musical instruments, tools, etc. required by the University as a condition of employment.  Faculty and Staff are asked to take special care in securing any personal property brought to campus.

Last updated: 11/19/2013