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Current Georgia Southern Students

Admission Requirements for Current Student Applicants

The Honors College seeks scholars interested in research, change agents interested in engaging local and global communities, and individuals seeking to explore their curiosity and express their creativity.  All students who participate in the Honors College participate in challenging classes, engage in experiential learning activities, and complete an Honors Thesis based on research in their discipline.

To be eligible a student must have:

  • Earned at least 15 Georgia Southern hours prior to the semester in which they are to be admitted
  • A 3.3 or higher institutional GPA
  • Enough remaining time to degree completion to allow for completion of departmental honors course requirements and the Honors Thesis
  • Reference from a Georgia Southern faculty member
  • A complete application with answers to questions about academic goals, experiential learning, and the Honors Thesis

Admission is competitive as we have many more strong applicants than available spaces in the Program.


Applications will be reviewed after each deadline. All complete applications submitted at the priority deadline will be reviewed and decisions will be made later that month, in time to take advantage of Honors Priority Registration.  All complete applications submitted after the priority deadline but before the final deadline will be reviewed in time to join, if accepted, in the following semester.

Fall term admission deadlines:

Priority – March 1   |   Final – May 1 

Spring term admission deadlines:

Priority -October 1   |   Final – December 1

Last updated: 5/1/2023