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Building a Better U


Building a Better U (BBU) offers training courses to certification preparation, videos to jobs aids, and quick references to customized courses. The software in BBU, Percipio, makes professional development that much easier. Percipio is Latin for learn. With Percipio, you can experience multiple ways to learn – you can Watch, Read, or Listen to content, as well as Practice what you’ve learned using various resources available to you.

Building a Better U has courses covering professional development topics pertinent for everyone on campus. It is a great tool for all staff to meet the expectations of the Professional Development Policy.

Getting Started: How to access

  • Log in to your MyGeorgiaSouthern.
  • Click the e-Learning System link found in the MyServices box (lower right hand corner). If you have trouble accessing Building a Better U from this link, please submit an IT MyHelp Ticket. For a detailed description of instructions go to our quick start guide.
  • To conduct a quick search for a topic, you can use the search bar at the top of the page, under the “What would you like to learn today?” banner. This will return all pertinent results in course, book, and other resource formats.

To access the mobile app

Did you know you can now access most content in Building a Better U on your mobile device?  Just scan the QR code below and download the app for your device.  Or you can download the app in your app store by searching for Skillsoft Percipio. When prompted for a site name, enter buildingabetteru and use your MyGeorgiaSouthern login information.

Apple App Store
Google Play

Accessing DiversityEDU in the new Building a Better U

DiversityEDU is an optional compliance course. To access this course, click on the Compliance tab in the navigation bar at the top of the screen. This will take you to Percipio Compliance. Here you will find any required compliance courses assigned to you. If you scroll down, you will see optional compliance courses. That is where you will find Faculty and Staff Personal Skills for a Diverse Campus, the DiversityEDU course.


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Last updated: 6/14/2023