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Eagle Leadership Alumni

2015 Eagle Leadership Alumni
Student Affairs Title
Brett Bacon Information Systems Coordinator
Ryan Heins Associate Director of Business & Administration
Memory Littles Assistant Director , Student Activities
Ava Percell Administrative Asst, VP SAEM
Amy Taulbee Associate Director of Employer Relations and Experiential Education
Research & Graduate Studies
Megan Murray Administrative Coordinator, Graduate Studies
Kristi Reagin Grant Coordinator with ORSSP
University Advancement
Megan Hopkins Lead Graphic Designer, External Affairs
Dawn Oliver Assistant Director, Donor Relations
Lauren White Executive Assistant, University Advancement VP
Academic Affairs
Bobbie Newell Assessment Specialist , Instructor
Lisa Vance Academic Advising Coordinator, COSM
Ashley Walker Public Health, Associate Professor
Raleigh Way Assistant Director, Centers for Teaching and Technology
Business & Finance
Vicki Hodges Director of Benefits, Human Resources
Chris McBride Lieutenant, Public Safety
Erik Powell System Analyst, Auxiliary IT Services
Vickie Shaw Director, Auxiliary Services
Wendy Woodrum Director, Facilities
IT Services
April Burke Executive Assistant, VP & CIO for Information Technology
Heidi Harsha Systems Support Specialist, IT Services
Tim Stahl System Administrator, IT Services
Sam Robinson Information Systems Coordinator, IT Services
David Walker Business Analyst Lead – Instructional Technology
2014 Eagle Leadership Alumni
Name Title
Demetrius Bynes Director of Employment
Wayne McKinney Public Safety Lieutenant
Thomas Mikell Director of Financial Accounting
Sharon Singleton Director of Dining Administration
Carlita Slatky Director of the University Store
Carrie Thorne Facilities, University Architect
Risa Cohen Associate Professor of Biology
Lydia Cross Director of the College of Education Graduate Academic Services Center
Delena Bell Gatch Faculty of Physics
Marla Bruner Director of Graduate Student Services
Sue Ann Crabtree Grants Coordinator, Office of Research Services and Sponsored Programs
Erin Shuman Business Manager, Office of the VP of Research and Economic Development
Brad Carr Associate Director of Alumni Relations
Jill Gerig IT Analyst
Samantha Nesmith Assistant Director of Donor Relations
Todd Aldrich Assistant Director, IT
Dusty Edenfield Systems Analyst II
Sandy Luther Systems Support Specialist II
Sara McNure Systems Analyst I
Chris Butler Assistant Director, Campus Recreation and Intramurals
Mike Chambers Director, Student Disability Resource Center
America Minc Director, Campus Recreation and Intramurals
Mark Whitesel Associate Dean and Director for Student Conduct
2013 Eagle Leadership Alumni
Name Title
Amy Smith Associate Director of Admissions
Marcia Bentley Assistant Director of Student Affairs
Sharonica Daniels Admissions Coordinator
Mike Jordan Associate Director of Strategic Research and Analysis
Jill Forehand Director of Donor Relations
Casey Jones Assistance Director, Marketing & Communications
Audie Graham Assistant to the VP of Research & Dean of Graduate Studies
Naronda Wright Administrative Specialist, Graduate Studies
Kristi Bryant Director of Parking and Transportation
Terry Briley Captain, Public Safety
Marvin Mills AVP Facilities
Christy Yother Financial Accounting, Accountant II
Dr, Amy Hackney Professor, Psychology
Stephanie Williams COBA Academic Advisor
Dr. Clayton Heller Professor, Physics
Jason Williams Systems Analyst II
Krey Tinker Network Administrator
Eric Floyd Instructional Services Coordinator
Bert Lensch Systems Support Specialist III
Brandon Kimmons Information Systems Coordinator
2012 Eagle Leadership Alumni
Name Title Department
Adrianne McCollar Operations Coordinator, Residential Facilities SAEM
Alan Woodrum Assistant To The Dean, College of Health and Human Sciences Academic Affairs
Alana DeAngelis Information Analyst II Business and Finance
Amber Singletary Student Financial Aid Counselor SAEM
Amy Hammett Associate Director of Alumni Relations University Adv.
Jasper A. Stewart Technical Operations Manager IT Services
Angela Harn Assistant Director of Marketing and Advertising University Adv.
Brandy Clouse Director of Sports Medicine & Head Athletic Trainer, Athletics Business and Finance
Clint Bridges Technical Services Manager IT Services
David Bennett Network Service Specialist IV IT Services
Debbie Shaver Director of Research Services and Sponsored Programs Research
Dorsey Baldwin Director, Multicultural Student Center SAEM
Dr. Brian DeLoach Medical Director and Chief of Medical Staff SAEM/Auxiliary
Gloria M. Goosby Associate Director of Annual Giving University Adv.
Jeff Tysinger Associate Professor, Department of Leadership, Technology, & Human Development, COE Academic Affairs
Jodi Kennedy Associate Director, Student Leadership & Civic Engagement SAEM
John Tucker Systems Support Specialist III IT Services
Lavada Sykora Executive Assistant, Provost Office Academic Affairs
Lisa Bridges Program Coordinator, Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development Research
Melissa Nease Senior Grant Coordinator Research
Mike Russell Director of Public Safety Business and Finance
Paul Reaves Project Manager, Marketing and Communications/IT Services Web Team IT Services
Richard Wynn Director of the Eagle Card Program Business and Finance
Sheila Wentz Compliance Officer Business and Finance
Sophie George Professor, Department of Biology, COST Academic Affairs
Tristam Aldridge Director of Graduate Admissions Research
2011 Eagle Leadership Alumni
Name Department Title
Christy Rikard Admissions Asst Director of Admissions
Lindsay Tyson Admissions Design and Production Manager
Matt Horst CRI Director of CRI
Carter Walton Student Activities Assistant Director
Christopher Pugh Multi-cultural Student Center Asst Director Student Affairs
Dr. Brian DeLoach Health Services Chief of Staff
Richie Akins Auxiliary Services Director of Administrative
Justin Janney Controller’s Office Business Manager 1
Francois Song Environmental Health & Safety Safety Engineering Manager
Chandra Cheatham Physical Plant Assoc Director Administrative
Karen Iler Human Resources Director
Jaccie Irwin Business & Finance Director of Student Athlete Services
Eleanor Haynes Research Compliance Officer
Krista Brinson Research Asso/Asst Director Div/Dept AD
Melanie Mosley University Advancement Assistant to the Vice President
Todd Hall Professor, Hospitality & Tourism Assistant Professor
Brent Tharp Museum Director Administrative
Laura Frost Professor, Chemistry Faculty
Jonathan O’Neill Professor, History Dept Head-Prof
Christine Draper Professor, Teaching & Learning Associate Professor
Bob Grogan IT Services Director of IT B&F / Aux
Tom Wilson IT Services Information Systems Coordinator
Nathan Brinkman IT Services Information Systems Coordinator
Angie Cook IT Services Systems Analyst 2
Jackie Robbins IT Services
Sam Wainford IT Services Lecturer
2010 Eagle Leadership Alumni
Name Department Title
Alex Grovernstein Univ/ Adv. Director
Amanda King AA/Faculty Associate Professor
Ashlea Anderson IT Services Assistant Director
Suzanne Tatum Marketing Asst to the VP
Daniel Wood IT Services Electrician 2
Sonya Chance IT Services Information Systems Coordinator
Laura McCullough Public Safety Asst Director Administrative
Debra Alexander Research Asst Director Administrative
Erik Brooks AA/Faculty Professor
Henry Whitfield AA Director Administrative
James Crosby IT Services Systems Analyst 2
Jeff Yawn Eagle Dining Executive Director
Kim Thompson Brown Controller Controller
Martha Abell AA/Faculty Interim Dean AC
Melissa Garno AA/Faculty Associate Professor
Raymona Lawrence SAEM/ now Faculty Assistant Professor
Shawne Zuber IT Services System Analyst
2009 Eagle Leadership Alumni
Name Department Title
Ann Hill IT Services Director Administrative
Bryan Hooks Physical Plant Landscaper Supervisor
Candance Griffith AA Associate Provost
David Ewing IT Services Temporary Professional Retiree
Janice West Univ. Adv. Director of Administrative
Joey Reeves IT Services Director Administrative
Mike Fox IT Services Security Supp Spec – Lead
Robby Ambler IT Services Assistant Director
Pam Deal IT Services Director Administrative
Pattie Bebowski IT Services Information Systems Analyst
Robert Meguir SAEM SAEM Training Specialist
Perla Middleton SAEM Associate Director
Ronald Stalnaker IT Services Asst Director Administrative
Tammy Howard Health Services Coordinator of Health Services
Trisha Knight IT Services Information Systems Analyst III
Ale Kennedy Human Resources Executive Director

Last updated: 12/15/2015