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The University

The Georgia Southern University Retirees Association includes nearly 2000 retirees from Georgia Southern and Armstrong State Universities prior to the consolidation of the two universities in 2018, along with employees retiring after the consolidation.

Georgia Southern currently includes three campuses: the home campus in Statesboro, the Armstrong campus in Savannah, and the Liberty campus in Hinesville.

Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia, was founded in 1906 as a school for learning techniques for agriculture production and developing home making skills. It grew from First District Agricultural and Mechanical School to university status in 1990 under the University System of Georgia.  
Armstrong State University was founded in 1935 in Savannah, Georgia, as Armstrong Junior College. It evolved from a junior college to a university and in 2018 became Georgia Southern University – Armstrong Campus. Prior to the consolidation, the Liberty campus of GS was Liberty Center, which was under the auspices of Armstrong State.  


The Georgia Southern University Retirees Association was established on April 20, 2016, as an association of the university’s retired employees. A Council was elected and went to work on organizing the new group and developing operating procedures.

The GSURA Council is active in maintaining updated information about issues of concern to retirees. The Association has a member representative for the Georgia Association of Higher Education Retirees Organizations (GA-HERO). Our representative participates in meetings of this network of college/university retiree organizations in Georgia and provides reports to the Council.

In addition, GSURA maintains membership in the national Association of Retiree Organizations in Higher Education (AROHE). A Council member is responsible for keeping up with news and providing reports to the Council.

A third organization to which GSURA maintains a connection is the University System of Georgia’s Retiree Council (USGRC), which has the responsibility of advising the Chancellor’s Office and the Board of Regents on issues of importance to retirees. Our GSURA Council member representative participates in the meetings of this group and reports to the Council. Of major interest always is health insurance.

With the assistance of our web mistress, reports from each of the above representatives will be posted on our website in a timely manner.

In addition, we maintains an informal relationship with GSU-Cares on campus. Information about GSU-Cares is available by visiting this page.

Retirees are encouraged to take advantage of the benefits available to retirees. These include:

  1. Eagle ID Card
  2. Parking Pass for use on Campus
  3. Use the Henderson Library on the Statesboro Campus and the Lane Library on the Armstrong campus, including Library Computers and Resources
  4. Reduced Membership Fee for the Recreation Activity Center (RAC) on the Statesboro Campus and the Armstrong Recreation Center in Savannah
  5. Reduced prices on Performing Arts Center (PAC) performances in Statesboro and the Fine Arts Center at the Armstrong campus
  6. Georgia Southern Cares Act Assistance
  7. Discounts on Purchases from University Bookstores
  8. Retiree Health Insurance through the Alight Exchange
  9. Discounts Offer from a variety of Businesses to all who possess a GS Eagle Card

Message from Georgia Southern President


Thank you for your dedication to Georgia Southern University and to our students. As
evidenced by our growth and success over the years, the impact you have had on this
university is immeasurable.

I hope that you will continue to contribute to Georgia Southern by actively participating
in the Retirees Association of Georgia Southern. You also can stay involved by
attending campus events, mentoring students or young faculty members, or serving on
a campus committee. 

Again, thank you for all you’ve done for Georgia Southern and for what you can do in
the future.

People. Purpose. Action: Growing ourselves to grow others!

Kyle Marrero

The GSU-Retirees Association welcomes contributions through the Georgia Southern University Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit tax-exempt organization, The GSURA account number is #GS0008.