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Telework & Flextime

Telework & Flextime Agreements

Georgia Southern allows teleworking and flextime in positions that have been designated as eligible for this option by the home department for the position. To learn more about Telework and Flextime, please review our Telework/Flextime Policy. Keep reading to learn how to submit and review these requests.

Request Process

An electronic request process makes submitting, reviewing and processing telework and flextime requests easy and convenient. The electronic request process follows the steps below:

  1. Employee reviews Telework/Flextime Policy.
  2. Employee completes the Telework/Flextime Request (and workplace certification, if applicable) and submits it electronically to the Supervisor.
  3. The Supervisor reviews the request (and workplace certification). Supervisor completes the Assessment to determine if the employee qualifies for an alternative work arrangement.
  4. Supervisor completes the Telework/Flextime Agreement and submits it to the employee for electronic signature.
  5. Once signed by the Employee, the agreement routes to the respective cabinet member or designee for approval.

Note: Agreement is not approved until the cabinet member approves the documents. Engaging in a telework or flextime schedule is a violation of policy and may trigger the progressive discipline process.

Submitting a Request

Employees requesting a new Telework or Flextime arrangement may do so by clicking the Telework/Flextime Request button below.

Tip: Your request must be reviewed and approved by both your Supervisor and the Cabinet member for your area. Please allow ample time for these reviews to take place.

Renewal Requests

Approximately 20 days prior to the end date of an active agreement, employees will receive a renewal request. Employees may opt to renew their agreement as is, or make adjustments to their request for the next 90-day cycle.

Tip: You will not receive a renewal request if your original agreement did not complete the approval process. Employees are encouraged to engage in the renewal process to mitigate multiple agreements on file.


Direct supervisors of employees requesting a telework or flextime arrangement receive an email for each employee request. Supervisors should use the unique link in these emails to review and approve or deny the request (and workplace certification if applicable).

Supervisors may reach out to Human Resources if requesting the status of their employee’s agreements.

Tip: Approved requests are routed back to the employee for electronic signature before being submitted for cabinet-level approval. Denied requests are submitted back to the employee.

Cabinet Members & Designees

Cabinet members and their designees review Telework/Flextime requests via their Telework/Flextime Dashboard. Users must sign in using their MyGS credentials to access the dashboard. Users who do not have dashboard access will receive an error message.

While the dashboard can be accessed at any time, cabinet members and designees also receive a weekly digest of requests.

Tip: To add a designee, cabinet members or established designees should submit a MyHelp Ticket.


Have questions about the Telework/Flextime Request Process? Contact us! The fastest way to get a response is via our MyHelp Ticketing system. You can also call us at (912) 478-6947.

Last updated: 12/20/2023