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Staff Quick Start Guide

Our Top Tech Tips for Staff

Hi there, colleague. We’ve got a few tips to help you access technology resources. Don’t see what you’re looking for or need further assistance? Feel free to contact us.

Whose Dashboard? Your Dashboard. 

MyGeorgiaSouthern is your one-stop shop for all things “Georgia Southern.” Whether it’s reading news announcements, accessing your pay and benefits, or taking a shortcut to email and other apps, you’ll love the convenience and flexibility this gateway provides.

Learn about MyGeorgiaSouthern >

Get Connected

GSWireless provides wireless access in classrooms, residence halls, administrative and auxiliary locations, and even some outdoor spaces. We have secure and guest networks to help you and your visitors access the internet.

Learn about GSWireless >

Live the Suite Life

Georgia Southern is a Google partner school, which means that you have access to the G Suite of applications, including Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, and much more. It’s everything you need in one “suite” package.

Access through MyGeorgiaSouthern or Visit the G Suite Learning Center >

Meet Virtually Anywhere

Our web conferencing solution, Zoom, allows you to meet and collaborate with colleagues in any location. With crisp, clear audio and an intuitive interface, this will be one of your favorite tools for video and audio conferencing. Access the service through the MyGeorgiaSouthern portal.

Learn more about Zoom >

Trending Playlist: Technology Tutorials

We’ve created a series of video tutorials to help you become familiar with some of our commonly used technology resources. Not sure what you’re looking for? Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see tutorials as they’re added. Then get back to those cat videos.

View Technology Tutorials >


The Georgia Southern App Store puts accessibility and convenience in the palm of your hands. Literally. Access G Suite, Microsoft Office,  Tapingo, Starbucks and many other campus and local services by downloading the App Store.

Access via MyGeorgiaSouthern or Learn More About the App Store >

Secure Access for Remote Connection

Our Virtual Private Network (VPN) access allows you to connect remotely to your campus resources via an encrypted connection, protecting sensitive data, you, and the University.

Learn more about VPN Access >

 Feed the Eagle in You

Your Eagle card serves as your identification and access card, but also allows you access to EagleXpress, a stored value plan that you can use at many stores and shops on campus and in the community. Deposit money, get discounts, and much more through your EagleXpress account located in the MyGeorgiaSouthern portal.

Learn about the Eagle Card and EagleXpress >

Save Money on Software

As a Georgia Southern staff member you have access to free software, including Microsoft Office 365 (Word, Excel, etc.), Endnote, Kumo, and much more. You’re also eligible for some software and hardware discounts. See the full list in the MyDownloads section of the MyGeorgiaSouthern portal.

Learn more about Software Downloads >

Buy Into Technology

Looking to make a technology hardware or software purchase for your department? We can help you find the best fit. Contact your local technician or reach out to our MyTechSupport team for assistance.

Learn about IT Purchasing >

Get in Touch

We’re here for you and we’re happy to help. Have a question or concern that we didn’t address here? Need help with a technology issue? Want to shoot the breeze with one of our really awesome customer relationship analysts? We’re available.

View our Contact Information >

Last updated: 7/20/2020