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VPN Services

We offer Virtual Private Network (VPN) services to help faculty and staff access secure resources when it’s necessary to work off-campus. VPN services are used to access systems like Banner, network drives, and other sensitive systems. Keep reading to learn more about how to access VPN services.

When should I use VPN services?

VPN services should only be used when you need to access sensitive systems such as Banner, R: drives, payroll systems, and other services that can only be accessed from the campus network. Systems such as WINGS, OneUSG, and Folio do not require an on-campus network connection, and therefore should not be accessed via VPN.

VPN connections are timed connections. This means that a timer starts when you connect to the VPN. After you’re connected, access the resources that you need and then disconnect to avoid any disruptions.

Connecting with a University Machine

If you need to connect to the VPN using a University laptop or other machine, you should already have the resources you need. We install the VPN client when we set up or update your machine.

Special note: If you haven’t brought your laptop to campus or updated it in a while, you may experience problems or delays. To make sure you’re prepared to easily connect to the VPN, it’s a good idea to connect your machine on campus and let it receive necessary updates.

Connecting with a Personal Machine

If you’re working from home and need to access the VPN from your own personal laptop or other machine, you’ll first need to download the VPN client. Download the appropriate Palo Alto Global Protect software in MyDownloads. MyDownloads can be accessed through the “Download Software” link in the Technology Resources tile in your MyGS portal. You can then follow the instructions below to complete the connection.

Third Party Connections

Third party support sources are required to request a VPN account through their respective university contact.

IT representatives with outside vendors, please visit the Outside Vendor VPN request form to fill out a new/renewal VPN application. VPN users must comply with the requirements outlined in the Computer Use Policy (Click on the “Download” button to view the policy). Click the button below to request a Vendor VPN Account (login required).

Have questions or need help connecting to the VPN? Our MyTech Support representatives are happy to help. Contact us >

Last updated: 1/19/2022