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Accessibility (ADA)

The Georgia Southern University Libraries seek to provide all users with equal access to Library resources. To realize this goal, we offer patrons with disabilities the following services:

Building Access

Both libraries have wheelchair accessible entrances and there are wheelchair accessible restrooms on all floors at each library.

At Lane Library disabled persons parking is available behind the library and in the parking lot. At Henderson Library disabled persons parking is available in the library parking lot and on Sweetheart Circle.

Materials Access

Persons who are unable to retrieve books and other materials from library shelves may get assistance from library staff. Photocopy assistance is also provided. Books may be renewed online, or by phone at (912) 344-3027 (Lane Library), or (912) 478-5647 (Henderson Library).

Special Services at Lane Library

Adaptive Equipment

Zoomtext enlarging software
CCTV printed text zooming device

Special Services at Henderson Library

Telecommunications for the Deaf

Henderson Library has an Ultratec Minicom IV TDD (Telecommunications device for the Deaf) at the Checkout Desk on the second floor. The number for the TDD is (912) 478-1314. It is a portable version with a printing option and includes a bright, 20-character display tilted to increase viewing comfort, and a 4-row keyboard specially designed for easy typing. An 8000-character memory allows messages to be saved, and a built-in voice announces that an outgoing call is being made by TDD. TDD access is available during all Library hours.

Branen Rooms – 2306 A & B

Located on the second floor of Henderson Library, the Branen Rooms have computers with adaptive technology and are available for students registered with the Student Accessibility Resource Center. That office will provide the students with the login information and work with the library staff to ensure that the software and hardware fills the needs of the students.

Microform Access

There is a special lens available for microform reader/printers designed to magnify the reader screen so that persons with limited vision should be able to read enough of an article to know whether they want to make a copy. The lens is available through the Access Services Department on the second floor.

Support services and assistance with accommodations are also provided to employees of Georgia Southern who qualify for services under ADA and/or Section 503 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Please feel free to ask for assistance at any service point in any of the libraries.

Contact us about the libraries’ services for persons with disabilities. Suggestions are reviewed by the libraries’ administration and are used to correct immediate deficiencies and to plan for the implementation of new services. We are especially interested in evaluative information concerning the hardware and computer software that we have installed to maximize access for persons with disabilities, and would welcome the opportunity to meet with anyone who would like to assist us with the specifications for such equipment.

Persons or organizations interested in supporting the libraries in purchasing adaptive learning technologies in support of students with disabilities may donate to the Patrons with Disabilities Fund (0738).

Last updated: 7/22/2022