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Licensing and Trademarks

About Georgia Southern’s Office of Trademark Licensing

Thank you for your interest in Georgia Southern University’s Trademark and Licensing program. The spirit shared by Georgia Southern students, alumni, friends, and Eagle fans produces a demand for products that display the names, logos, and trademarks associated with Georgia Southern University. 

Any mark, logo, symbol, nickname, letter(s) word(s) or combination of these that are associated with Georgia Southern University qualifies as a trademark. Georgia Southern University trademarks are the property of Georgia Southern University and the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia.

Click here to see Georgia Southern’s protected marks and logos. 

Georgia Southern University licenses its brand to approximately 240 consumer products companies which manufacture and market everything from apparel and headwear to board games and coffee. For over forty years, The Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) has been the primenet managing partner for hundreds of colleges and universities across the U.S., including Georgia Southern. Royalties generated from the sale of officially licensed Georgia Southern products support student scholarships and programs. Click here to learn more about CLC.

In addition to supporting Georgia Southern’s brand with a presence at retail, the Office of Trademark Licensing is responsible for:

  • Managing the university’s portfolio of federally registered trademarks with the US Patent and Trademark Office
  • Determining if a product and design are consistent with the goals and images of the University
  • Ensuring the quality, liability, production, and distribution of products meet the University’s standards
  • Working with campus departments to order promotional products and apparel to support their goals
  • Educating student organization leadership on the proper way to use Georgia Southern’s brand within their organization, including ordering products for members or fundraising
  • Speaking to community groups and campus stakeholders about licensing and the importance of purchasing only officially licensed Georgia Southern product
  • Protecting the Georgia Southern brand and the consumer from companies that sell counterfeit product
  • Promoting GS licensed product through retail relationships, social media and other marketing outlets

The Office of Trademark Licensing is located in Georgia Southern’s Department of Athletics. If you have any questions, please

Last updated: 4/12/2024