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Georgia Southern receives provisional accreditation for B.S. in Biochemistry

Georgia Southern has been selected for provisional accreditation through December 2021 by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) for the Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry program.

It is within the ASBMB policy to grant provisional accreditation, rather than full, to all new programs. While the program on the Armstrong Campus for four years now, it is new to the Statesboro Campus. With this, the ASBMB considers it a new program.

This accreditation gives the ASBMB room to actively and visibly promote excellence and innovation in undergraduate biochemistry and molecular biology (BMB) education, raise the profile and enhance the relevance of the ASBMB society among STEM educators and in the private sector. It also helps to connect with and recruit aspiring young biochemists and molecular biologists on a nationwide scale.


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