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Allen E. Paulson College of Engineering and Computing to hold virtual Industry Expo

The Georgia Southern University Allen E. Paulson College of Engineering and Computing (CEC) is hosting its annual Industry Expo virtually for the first time on Dec. 3 from noon to 4 p.m. The expo serves as the culminating event for senior students in computer science, information technology, construction management and all five engineering disciplines.

At the expo, students will present their projects virtually and be judged on the level of difficulty, overall quality, goals, design, approach and results by industry leaders and faculty. 

“By participating students demonstrate that they can work effectively in a team, complete a challenging project and deliver a professional presentation,” said Director of Industrial Relations Reinhold Gerbsch, DSc. “Students working on industry partner-sponsored projects network with project mentors and learn more about challenges faced by companies. This helps them better prepare for the transition into the workforce.”

A team of six manufacturing engineering undergraduates will be among the students presenting projects at the expo. The group consists of Kristifer Bell, John Parker, Matt Johns, Elayna Arzolay, Charles Anumba and Hans Werner Schumacher Aparicio. Bell, one of two team leaders, said his team is excited about the opportunity to show their project titled “Type III Anodizing System Development.”

“My expectations for presenting at the Industry Expo is to showcase what my team and our department is capable of, as well as receiving some constructive criticism from industry professionals on how to improve the project,” he said.

The project is giving the team an opportunity to collaborate with Daniel Defense to commission an anodizing system and develop a process that returns a hard-anodized aluminum coating. Most of the team’s work is being done remotely, although they’re building a prototype and running experiments in the lab so social distancing guidelines are met. Bell said it was an easy decision to sign up for the project and participate in the expo.

“I signed up for this project because it seemed similar to an experience I could encounter in the future as a manufacturing engineer; taking a new piece of equipment, adding to a production

line, developing a process and standard operating procedure, then performing a capability study of the process,” Bell explained.

The team is being advised by Assistant Professor Mahmoud Baniasadi, Ph.D., in the Department of Manufacturing Engineering. Winning projects at the Industry Expo will be recognized in an awards ceremony. The expo will also provide attendees with networking and learning opportunities.

“Regular attendees can network with project and expo sponsors at the virtual conference booths to learn more about these companies and what it is like to work there,” Gerbsch said. “They can also visit the team networking booths and presentations to learn directly from student presenters.”


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