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Athletic training students get creative in national art competition

Athletic Training students display artwork created in National Institute on Minority Health Disparities Art Competition.

Under the guidance of Associate Professor Tamerah Hunt, Ph.D., 15 graduate athletic training students flexed their artistic muscles during the National Institute on Minority Health Disparities Art Competition earlier this year. 

Students enrolled in the Advanced Rehabilitation Skills in Athletic Training course were challenged by Hunt to share their vision of an America where health disparities based on race and ethnicity, geography, socioeconomic status, and sexual and gender identity are a thing of the past, and where all populations have an equal opportunity to live long, healthy and productive lives. Participants each created a piece of artwork to represent their vision, and then all pieces were placed together to form a collage.

“The collage demonstrates that health care providers from various walks of life envision equity differently, but we still end up providing quality care to our patients,” stated Hunt.

Though the group did not win the competition, Hunt reflected on the personal growth the competition provided.

“This challenge created a great opportunity for the students and myself to think through some of our own biases, experiences and expectations to see how we envision equity,” she said. “Even more, we got the chance to look at the similarities and differences between us, which helped connect us even closer as a group.”


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