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Upcoming art exhibit ‘bittersweet’ for senior art students

Julianna Tillman working on an art piece. Tillman and her fellow senior art students will be participating in an upcoming art exhibit.

Julianna Tillman started her painting career by drawing hearts on paper and giving them to loved ones. Now, she’s only a few weeks away from walking across the stage at commencement with a degree in 2D studio arts.

Tillman uses her work to build the bridge between imagination and reality. She started with art based on fictional stories, but is now incorporating a newfound interest in art history.

My intention is to provide my audience with a moment to reminisce on the nostalgic parts of childhood and family identity, regardless of whether they remember these times or not,” she said. “This imagery, through both realistic and fictional, creates a visual story and sense of human connection that many people can sympathize with.”

Tillman and her senior classmates will be capping off their senior year by participating in “High Contrast: Diversity in the Age of Change.” This is an exhibition of senior student work. It will be presented by the Georgia Southern University Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art on April 11-20 at the Center for Art & Theatre’s University and Contemporary Galleries on the Statesboro Campus. A reception will be held April 15 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Light refreshments will be served, and the public is invited to attend.

The exhibition will showcase the portfolios and capstone projects of Bachelor of Fine Arts graduating seniors in a variety of media including ceramics, digital and traditional painting, mixed media, photography, printmaking, sculpture and video.

“This exhibition offers a glimpse at the range and depth of creative approaches to the contemporary moment by our students here in the art department,” says gallery director Jason Hoelscher. “As future creative thought leaders and makers they have important things to say, and we would do well to heed their insights into a wide spectrum of issues, from the formal to the social.”

Students with work featured in this exhibition include Spencer Horton, Jackson Branton, Katsi Cruz-Delgato, Mike Harper, Quinderrious Humphrey, Jason Langmann, Kaitlyn Roberts, Charity Stanton, Christian Strickland and Tillman.

Tillman said participating in the exhibition so close to graduation is going to be bittersweet. While all of the students have been given the same rubric during their time, the University fostered an environment where each student can take an individual angle at a project.

“Georgia Southern did a great job of inspiring our different paths and transitions through our art careers,” she said. “We all help build each other up and work with each other a lot, and I think it really shows through at the exhibition because you can see how we’ve all helped each other.”


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