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Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance

Finance is more than banking and investments!

Learn about real estate, insurance, banking and regional financial planning, investment, financial institutions and international finance with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance.

Format: In person on the Statesboro Campus
Credit Hours: 124

Finance as a Career

Finance offers many professional opportunities. Every small business owner is, of necessity, a finance practitioner, while every major corporation has a finance division. Job opportunities abound in both the for-profit business arena and the not-for-profit sector.

Financial services firms, such as banks and insurance companies, employ millions throughout the United States, and millions more are employed abroad. Finance majors frequently find employment in these firms in a variety of different capacities, ranging from loan officers to insurance underwriters to stock brokers.

With the aging of the baby boomer generation in this country, the demand for finance specialists who can advise individuals on their personal financial planning needs has increased. Individuals seeking a career in the financial planning industry learn a variety of specialties, including portfolio management, real estate, insurance and tax strategies.

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Finance Career Options

  • Account Analyst
  • Assistant Financial Examiner
  • Field Examiner
  • Financial Validation Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Fixed Asset Accountant
  • Investment Analyst
  • Operations Support Analyst
  • Proprietary Equity Trader
  • Risk Assurance Associate

Our finance graduates have successful careers with

  • Deutsche Bank
  • Fidelity Investments
  • The Home Depot
  • Mercedes Benz USA
  • Norfolk Southern
  • PIMCO–New York
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • State of Georgia Department of Banking & Finance
  • Steve H. Powell & Company


Internships help you better integrate academic knowledge with practical applications. Exposure to economic practices and business environments can also help you decide which career path is right for you and help jump start your career before entering the workforce on a permanent basis.

Economics students have recently been offered internships by

  • Cherokee Capital Holdings, LLC
  • Contractor Wholesale Floors
  • Northwestern Mutual
  • Office of Congressman Rob Woodall
  • Project Development & Management, LLC
  • State Farm Insurance
  • Sodexo
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture

B.B.A. in Finance Program Outcomes

Georgia Southern Finance graduates are distinguished by their ability to:

Apply time value of money analysis to personal and corporate financial decision-making by:

  • SLO 1: Describing the factors that are involved in time value of money calculations.
  • SLO 2: Solving for each factor in time value of money calculations, for both single sums and annuities.
  • SLO 3: Using the results of time value of money calculations to support financial decisions.

Given a business situation, conduct financial analysis and make recommendations based on the analysis results by:

  • SLO 4: Using ratio analysis to make appropriate comparisons across firms and across time.
  • SLO 5: Calculating and interpreting risk and return measures for various personal and commercial investment alternatives.
  • SLO 6: Constructing ad hoc computer spreadsheets to solve financial business problems.

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Last updated: 5/19/2023