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Eagles on Wall Street

“… I had embarked on an experience of a lifetime!”    ~Kenneth Bailey

Eagles on Wall Street (EoWS) is an experiential learning course for Georgia Southern students. It is structured similarly to study abroad programs, but is domestically based with the travel component set in New York City.

During the travel portion of the course, students visit well-known organizations and firms of the US and global financial systems. Students have the opportunity to interact and network with associates, analysts, managers, and executives of some of the most prestigious firms in the financial system, learning about different divisions of the companies, the careers of the hosts and speakers, internship and job prospects, and gain career advice from those who have succeeded in NYC.

Students acquire first-hand knowledge of what it is like working and living in The Big Apple as they “commute” to different firms during rush hour, just like NYC locals. This type of experience cannot be taught from others or learned from textbooks—it’s a fantastic opportunity for students to try out the NYC lifestyle.

Past firm and organization visits have included AIG, Blackstone, Bloomberg; the Federal Reserve Bank of New York; First Principles Capital Management, LLC; Fox Business Network; Goldman Sachs; JP Morgan & Chase Co.; the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX); the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), RBC Capital Markets; Swiss Re; TIAA (TIAA-CREF); UBS; Willis Towers Watson (Willis); and Zurich.

It’s not all work and no play; students have time to explore the city during their free time as well as socialize and network with one another during scheduled group activities. EoWS is a 3-credit hour course and is open to students who have taken FINC 3131 (Principles of Corporate Finance). Usually, the course is held annually in the spring with the required travel occurring the week following Spring Commencement.

A deposit on the total program cost is required to enroll in the course with the remainder payable in installments. The fee covers a shared hotel room, some meals, EoWS t-shirt, and entry fees for any required activities. All other costs including air/ground transportation, additional meals, and optional activities are at the student’s expense as is any required tuition.

Want to learn more? Contact Allissa Lee, Ph.D., at or Axel Grossmann, Ph.D., at or stop by the Department of Finance office (Parker College of Business, Room 3310).

EoWS Student Comments

“It didn’t take long once we were there [NYC] for me to realize that I had embarked on an experience of a lifetime!  The trip was a lot more fun than I anticipated and, honestly, I learned a lot more than I thought I would while in New York.  Even though I graduated just a few days before landing at JFK, I had no idea I was about to begin a week long educational experience that would make me want to come back home and tell everyone about our trip.”

~Kenneth Bailey

“The six days I spent in Manhattan with the Eagles on Wall Street were some of the most exciting, informative, and inspiring days of my life. Every visit we took yielded either great educational value or made for a great experience, and often times both.”

~Hayden Boudreaux

“Eagles on Wall Street was absolutely one of the greatest experiences of my life.  I met incredible people, from my fellow classmates to the finance professionals that run New York City and the finances of the entire world.  It was a truly inspiring experience.  One beneficial aspect I got was the separation of college and work that we were in a sense able to bridge by talking to all these firms and hearing about their experiences.  …in order to separate yourself from others you have to work as hard as you possibly can.  I feel motivated to work even harder.  …one of the best experiences of my entire college career.  It is experiences like Eagles on Wall Street that make me proud to go to Georgia Southern and cherish the education and the people I have met at school.”  

~Ben Brannen

“I was very lost going into the trip as to what avenue of finance that I wanted to go into. This trip help me see what types of firms are out there, and the type of firm I am most interested in working at once I graduate. It also showed me many areas that I did not see myself going into later in life. I was surprised by how the trip changed my mind about sales…mainly influenced by Willis Towers Watson employee, Jack Jennings.”

~Jerrid Brewer

“The course provided great insight into big corporations that play key roles in the financial markets. [We] got to meet some top executives and ask questions about how the skills learned in the classroom translate into the business world.” 

~Pietro Caneo

“I thought the trip was probably the best thing that I have done while at Georgia Southern, I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about taking the class in the future and I developed memories that will last a lifetime.”

~Sean Farrell

“[Eagles on Wall Street] provided a very educational look into the field of finance, as well as giving us the opportunity to network and sit among prestigious business moguls is something the classroom could never offer us. This hands-on experience only furthered my interest in my major and has already opened opportunities to connecting with these business partners and furthering my knowledge on these subjects.”

~Andrew Frank

“When I signed up for Eagles on Wall Street …I didn’t realize at the time that [it] would become one of the most rewarding and informational trips I had ever been on.  This class was unlike any experience that I could’ve had on my own and I would do it over and over again a million times.”

~Sydney Hickman

“I viewed the class as a hands-on learning experience; the credit hours were just a bonus. I formed new friendships and learned how teams communicate in the business world.  We had the opportunity to learn from many experienced professionals in many different lines of work.”

~Brian Jenkins

“I hope to see the Eagles on Wall Street course continue in the future with an increased alumni presence from previous Eagles trips, because seeing the alumni helps you feel like there is a chance to make it somewhere as prestigious as Wall Street.”

~Hunter King

“Overall… the experiences that I gained through this program [Eagles on Wall Street] are something that truly shaped my view of working in finance.”

~Tara Landry

“I truly believe that this class will persuade future students to chase their goals and dreams, whether it’s working in New York or moving to San Francisco. Just showing people our age that it’s possible to get up and move to a place that you will make it if you are determined is priceless. It has really boosted my confidence, more specifically in the business world. [It] has shown me the power of developing a network. [Some of us] realized that any goals we pursue are in the realm of possibility.”

~Justin McLain

“Eagles on Wall Street benefitted me greatly because it gave me a chance to connect with not only my classmates, but with many different people and firms. It gave me insight on many different positions across many different types of companies in which I can pursue with my degree. Eagles on Wall Street helped me use that insight in order to narrow my focus to what I’m interested in doing which I might not would have figured out until a while later. The experience gave me a chance to actually hear from people in each position on their experiences first hand of how they were able to end up in the positions they did, whether it be through internships, gaining experience and moving laterally, networking, or other ways. Graduating college can be intimidating if you don’t know what direction to go in or how to get there if you do; this course and the way it was designed was able to help me narrow my focus as well as give me real world experience and advice on how to get there. I learned so much from the Eagles on Wall Street that could not have been replicated in a classroom.”

~Taylor Moody

“Spending a week on Wall Street was definitely one of the most insightful experiences I’ve ever had in my lifetime, offering me life changing career advice and top-tier wisdom from some of the most successful in Manhattan.  The trip inspired me to start taking advantage of the resources I’ve been offered…anything to separate yourself from the pile of applicants searching for a job.”

~Kyle Moore

“Before …I did not have an idea of what exactly I wanted to do after receiving my degree, this trip alone allowed me to broaden my horizons about the different industries offered in financial services.”

~Evan Morgan

“Although going to all of these firms was a once in a lifetime experience, I feel like the best part of the trip was getting to know both the teachers and fellow students better. My favorite “extra curricular activity” was taking the boat ride [Harbor Cruise] around the Statue of Liberty. That was such a blast and I really enjoyed getting to know both students and teachers better outside of the classroom. I look forward to seeing EOWS become a yearly study trip at Georgia Southern, and can’t wait to see the future of the College of Business.”

~Joshua O’Quinn

“This trip as a whole was one of the best experiences that I have had in my college career. I learned a lot about myself in this short week and it even helped me come to a conclusion about what I want to do after undergrad. The connections that we were able to make were so valuable to our futures. Aside from all of the firm visits, this trip provided us with a taste of a different culture as well. It was a great learning experience to be able to visit NYC and be submerged into a melting pot of so many different cultures and different types of individuals. The nights spent out in the city were some of the best nights of my life. I definitely made some friends and memories that I will never forget.”

~Sarabeth Porter

“I thoroughly enjoyed this past week and learned a lot from the firms that we visited…[it] was an experience that I’ll never forget and will reminisce on for years to come.  I could not be more proud to attend Georgia Southern and be able to be a part of such a fine program.”

~Andrew Rains

“If you want more out of your degree, then this trip is for you. The classroom could not replicate the type of experience that Eagles of Wall Street provided me. Eagles on Wall Street was a once in a lifetime experience. I still cannot believe the rare opportunities that took place. From seeing the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange to getting to hang with Wall Street GS alumni, Eagles on Wall Street was full of excitement that will stay with me for life.”

~Sam Russell

“Taking this class was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  It was such a great experience to learn what some of the top financial firms in the world are like from a first-person point of view.”

~Tyler Sills

“This was definitely the best week in my college career.  …it was [a] very educational and helpful experience as we prepare for the real world.”

~Jackson Taylor

“Eagles on Wall Street has already benefitted me in the real world. I recently accepted a position as a Financial Advisor in Metro Atlanta and it apparently added well to my resume, as the people who interviewed me were very interested to know more about it and what I had done. I greatly enjoyed this trip and have learned more than I ever expected. Thank you for the opportunity, and maybe one day I’ll find myself back on Wall Street.”

~John Wells

Highlights from EoWS 2017

The 2017 EoWS Class visited NYC from Monday, May 8 through Saturday, May 13.  Visits included UBS, Willis Towers Watson, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, NYSE, Bloomberg, Blackstone, Zurich, and JP Morgan and Chase Co.  It was a great week of learning, networking, socializing, enjoying new experiences, and having fun.

EoWS 2017 Photos

After great pizza at Lombardi’s Pizzeria on our first night in New York, we took in the sights and sounds of the Big Apple at sunset from high above — at Top of the Rock.  From the 67th, 69th, and 70th floors, the views are spectacular and include the Chrysler Building, Empire State Building, Central Park, the Freedom Tower, as well as Brooklyn, the Bronx, New York Harbor, and New Jersey.  What a great way to start the week!

A very busy week in NYC kicked-off with a visit to financial technology firm, Bloomberg.  Following a presentation on career success by Senior Economist Rich Yamarone, we received a tour of the Bloomberg building and several opportunities to raid the much talked about Bloomberg pantries.

Courtesy of Mr. John Cho, Managing Director of Corporate Client Banking, we were treated to an all-star panel of analysts and associates from a variety of areas within the financial conglomerate including Chase Retail, Corporate Client Banking, Private Banking, and Global Treasury Management as well as a member of their Corporate Client Banking Development program comprised the panel.  Each member shared insights from their personal histories on how they first came to work for JP Morgan Chase & Co.  They also discussed the challenges they faced and of what a typical day might encompass which also varied a great deal depending upon the nature of the job and/or department.  Many thank to Mr. Wayne Taylor, CFO Lendmark Financial, for helping arrange this visit!

Our second day of firm visits started with Willis Towers Watson, a leading insurance brokerage firm.  Executive Vice President and Dean’s Advisory Board Member, Mr. Jack Jennings and colleagues talked about the basics of insurance brokerage, its role in the financial system, and for business at-large as well as FINEX insurance products like D&O and E&O Insurance—critical components of any firm’s risk management protocol.

Alumni Mr. Andrew Doggendorf (MKT, 2004) and Mr. Rod Eichler (IND MGNT, 1989) made the UBS visit on Wednesday, May 10, truly memorable and informational for this year’s EoWS students.  Andrew and Rod discussed their time at Georgia Southern as well as their roles in equities and fixed income, respectively.  In addition to lunch, they invited a number of other UBS representatives from different areas of the bank in to speak with the students including:  recruitment and development programs as well as the Head of North American Fixed Income and Currencies and Head of Latin American Economics and Strategy.  The students were able to interact and ask questions of some of the best and brightest in the industry!  Thank you Andrew and Rod!

After an action packed day, Dean Amason treated everyone to a fantastic dinner at The Bailey Pub and Brasserie to wrap up Wednesday.  Additionally, Mr. Jack Jennings, Dean’s Advisory Board Member, stopped by briefly and alumni Andrew and Rod of UBS were able to join us for dinner which permitted more informal and casual discussions about their careers and lives in NYC as well as their time at Georgia Southern.  There were many laughs and good times had by all.

After an interesting visit to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, was lunch at The Palm.  Georgia Southern alumnus Blake McCollister (FINC, 2013) talked about his role in financial institution insurance underwriting over a fantastic meal on Thursday.

A trip to Wall Street is not complete without a stop at the infamous Wall Street Bull.

For the first time, Eagles on Wall Street visited the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the most well-known and important stock exchange in the world!  On Thursday, May 11, the students were able to watch KBR ring the Closing Bell on the day they IPO’d.  A very special visit!!! (Many thanks go to Mr. John Ramos of Société Générale for helping to facilitate this visit.)

An annual inclusion in, and one of the social highlights of the week, is the Harbor Cruise.  For two hours, the we sail around New York Harbor and enjoy views of the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan itself.  As the sun sets, the city comes to life and looks all-together different in her evening finery.  It was a bit chilly this year, but it was still a fabulous evening for everyone to socialize with one another and have a bit of downtime during the busy week.  Such a great way to wrap up Thursday!

As our week together came to a conclusion on Friday, May 12th, the students visited Blackstone, a leading investment firm. Four of their private equity professionals shared their backgrounds and their career paths leading up to Blackstone. Additionally, they talked about the types of activities they are engaged in on a daily basis, including evaluating new deals, monitoring existing projects, and serving as mentors to new hires.  Again, we would like to express our gratitude to Mr. Wayne Taylor, CFO Lendmark Financial, for helping arrange this visit!

For the second year in a row, we visited Yankee Stadium!  Again, a bit cool weather-wise for us South Georgia folks, but a fun night out in The Big Apple nonetheless!

Out-and-about in NYC!

Highlights from EoWS 2016

The 2016 Eagles on Wall Street participants visited NYC from Monday, May 9 through Saturday, May 14.  Visits included UBS, Willis Towers Watson, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, RBC Capital Markets, NYMEX, AIG, TIAA, Bloomberg, Blackstone, and JP Morgan and Chase Co.

EoWS 2016 Photos

Students started the week with Dean Allen Amason at Lombardi’s – “America’s First Pizzeria”.  Then, they stopped in at “Top of the Rock” and enjoyed a beautiful view of the city from the 70th Floor!

The first visit of the week was at UBS with host and Georgia Southern alumnus Andrew Doggendorf (Marketing, 2004).  After breakfast, Mr. Doggendorf and his colleagues (Doug Moskowitz and Lauren Surzyn) discussed the role of Prime Client Services and the importance of compliance.

To round out the first day, students learned about insurance brokerage services and, in particular, about FINEX products offered to businesses, executives, etc. and even things like kidnap and ransom insurance from Mr. Jack Jennings and Mr. Dwight Williams of Willis Towers Watson.  Students were also treated to a wonderful dinner in the East Village at San Marzano with several members of the St. John’s University Department of Risk Management as well as Dean Amason, courtesy of Mr. Jennings.

After visiting the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Georgia Southern alumnus Charles Heller (Finance, 2008) welcomed the students to RBC Capital Markets.  Along with managing director, Paul Szczepanski, students learned about the role of internal credit review and its implications while enjoying lunch and beautiful views of the New York harbor.

For the last visit of a very busy day two, students visited the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), a physical commodities exchange.  Students were allowed to imagine working “in the pits” from this all-but bygone era.  This was a special visit as the NYMEX will be closing at the end of 2016.  Thanks to John Ramos, Peter Mehlinger, and Adela Khadir of Société Générale for hosting us at the NYMEX.

Time for some fun!  Students had the opportunity to unwind a bit and enjoy an evening of spectacular views of the Statue of Liberty and NY Harbor while socializing with one another as well as alumni Charles Heller (RBC Capital Markets; Finance, 2008) and Albert Codina Sala (T3 Trading; Finance, 2015).

The student’s third day of firm visits started with AIG, hosted by Jim and Jason Van Epps.  Nearly ten members of the AIG investments group shared with the EoWS 2016 students about the different aspects of their jobs and roles within the AIG investments group.  CIO and EVP Doug Dachille stopped by to talk about his unusual trek to finance before the students were given a tour of the AIG trading floor.

At TIAA, students heard from members of the investment group as well as client services.  From the investments group, students learned about alternative investments that many would not even think of (like positions in toll roads, oil and gas investments, etc.)

Financial services firm Bloomberg was the final firm visit for day.  A new addition to this year’s cultural activities was attending a NY Yankees game.  A number of students were captured on the big screen too!

A group of analysts and associates spoke during the visit as well as answered questions the student voiced.  Members of the Blackstone team discussed their day-to-day activities, gave an overview of the firm’s structure and how it began as well as their unique paths to the firm.

Managing director, John Cho, and several members of his corporate client banking team welcomed EoWS 2016 participants to the offices of JP Morgan & Chase Co. for the final firm visit.  They talked about corporate client banking as well as key traits of those who succeed on Wall Street and/or Main Street.

A trip to Wall Street is not complete without visiting the iconic Wall Street Bull.

Highlights from EoWS 2015

EoWS 2015 Photos

Students enjoyed dinner at Lombardi’s Pizza, “America’s First Pizzeria,” before heading to “Top of the Rock” at Rockefeller Center.

Students enjoyed spectacular views of Manhattan including Central Park on “Top of the Rock” at Rockefeller Center.

The Millenium Hilton was our base for the week. Here the students had a chance to chat with Justin Hagan, Georgia Southern College of Business alum, before departing for the Federal Reserve of NY.

Students heard about different types of corporate insurance and risk management at Willis Group with Jack Jennings.

Georgia Southern students took Wall Street by storm and “the bull by the horns” at the Wall Street Bull.

Students learned a great deal about markets and economics as well as asset management at Goldman Sachs.

Students were treated to lunch at The Palm, courtesy of First Principles Capital Management, LLC, with Jim and Jason Van Epps, Steve Miller, and Mark Lieberman. They talked about their experiences working in large investment banks and more boutique style firms as well as their careers. Dean Allen Amason joined the students for lunch.

Georgia Southern Students learned about reinsurance as well as career opportunities in that industry at Swiss Re and had some time to network with Swiss Re executive hosts.

Time for some fun! Students enjoyed a sunset cruise of NY Harbor aboard the Clipper City Tall Ship to see the Statue of Liberty and amazing views of Manhattan!

At Bloomberg, students heard from a senior analyst as well as a recruiter about new information and assessments available in Bloomberg and enjoyed touring their amazing building.

While at Fox Business News, students received a tour of the building and facilities, while gaining valuable career advice from executives and hosts.

Students received a tour of the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) and had a chance to see some live trading and talk with the traders working on the floor.

A trip to Wall Street is not complete without a stop at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

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